Mary Drake's Hiding Place Was Revealed On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Ever since Mary Drake disappeared at the end of the Season 7 midseason finale, everyone on Pretty Little Liars has been looking for her. In "Power Play," the show finally revealed where she was hiding out, and it wasn't where anyone would have expected. A private investigator hired by Spencer's dad to find Mary led Spencer and Hanna to Pastor Ted's house, of all places. For those of you racking your brains trying to remember who that is, Pastor Ted was the guy who almost married Hanna's mother. But how does Ted know Mary Drake on Pretty Little Liars?

Though Mary was shown lurking in Ted's house while he spoke to Hanna and Spencer, he didn't immediately let them know what was going on. But because Ted isn't actually a bad guy, he came clean to Hanna soon afterwards. He told her that he'd actually known Mary in college and they dated for a little while before she disappeared. He didn't tell Hanna initially because he was trying to stay true to an old friend, but when Mary revealed a big secret to him, he couldn't keep quiet anymore. She told him that he was actually Charlotte's biological father. Even though Ted had known Charlotte as a child (she attended a camp for troubled boys that he ran), he never knew that he was her father.

Ever since fans had learned that Charlotte wasn't Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis' daughter but Mary Drake's, they had wondered who her biological father was. "Power Play" finally answered that question, even if the answer was kind of random and unexpected. As far as Pretty Little Liars twists go, it was actually one of the least unsettling; Mary and Ted seemed to have a normal relationship, aside from the fact that she never told him about their child.

But that wasn't the only piece of key information Ted gave Hanna during their conversation. He showed her a picture of himself and Charlotte from when Charlotte was little, and Hanna noticed a little boy in the photo. When she asked the boy's name, Ted told her it was Lucas — as in Lucas Gottesman, the very person whose apartment Hanna was currently crashing in. Apparently Lucas was Charlotte's only friend.

The revelation that Ted is Charlotte's father probably won't play a huge part in what's to come on the show since Ted is a relatively minor character, but the knowledge that Lucas and Charlotte were best buddies could definitely be important. Lucas might know a lot more about A.D. than he's been letting on, and that could change everything.