Beth Dubber/Netflix

Tony Is Hiding Something On '13 Reasons Why'

by Zakiya Jamal

(Warning: this post contains spoilers from Episode 2.) Netflix's newest series 13 Reasons Why, centers around high school student Hannah Baker and the story behind her suicide. The show follows Hannah's classmate and pseudo friend Clay Jensen who receives a box of cassette tapes on which Hannah herself explains the 13 reasons, or rather the 13 people, who contributed to her decision to end her life. Though Clay's friend Tony is not one of the people on the tapes, he clearly knows about them, which begs the question: how does Tony know Hannah on 13 Reasons Why?

Obviously, Tony and Hannah were classmates, but just because you go to the same high school as someone that doesn't necessarily mean you know them — something Clay quickly learns throughout the series. Based on Clay's surprise that Tony's somehow involved with Hannah's tapes, it's clear Clay didn't know the two of them were ever friends. However, it appears Tony and Hannah were very close. So close, in fact, that Hannah seems to have entrusted Tony with the task of making sure that everyone on the tapes actually follows her instructions. (Or at least, I assume he's acting off of her orders.)

Clay, along with the 12 other people mentioned on the tapes, have to listen to all of them and then pass them along to the next person so they can do the same. If they fail to follow through, a secret helper (who I assume is Tony) also has a copy of the tapes, which would then be released to the public if someone on the tapes fails to follow through.

Though Clay asks Tony to explain his involvement, Tony refuses, telling Clay he just has to listen. Still, it becomes more and more clear that Hannah trusted Tony with her plan for a reason. It's Tony who steps in when the friends of Justin, the first person mentioned on Hannah's tapes, attempts to get Clay to go with them to their friend Bryce's house. It's unclear what Justin's friends planned to do, but it didn't look like it would be something good.

Similarly, at the end of the second episode, it's Tony that Hannah's mother calls when she discovers an inappropriate list of girls names put in body-specific categories, Hannah's name being one of them, on Hannah's desk. Clay watches as Tony goes to Hannah's house and hugs Hannah's mother before following her inside.

How is it possible that Hannah and Tony were friends and Clay had no idea when he was friends with both of them? It's hard to say. Viewers will just have to keep watching to find out.