Patrick McElhenney/FOX

'New Girl' Season 6 Ended On A Happy Note

The sixth season of New Girl came to an end on Tuesday night and there were some pretty big developments for the characters. Nick and Jess finally got back together in the episode's last moments, but before that Schmidt surprised Cece with flowers and revealed that she was pregnant. In typical New Girl fashion, Cece was the last to know the big news because of a mishap with Jess and Aly answering Cece's phone each time her gynecologist called. So how far along is Cece's pregnancy on New Girl? Unfortunately, the show didn't get into the details.

After Schmidt revealed that Cece was expecting, she said she wasn't sure this would happen for them, which makes one wonder if they've been trying for a while. It's a storyline that never came up on the show, but it's interesting that Cece chose those words when she heard the news and that neither she nor Schmidt were totally shocked that there was a baby on the way. It'd be interesting to learn more about Baby Schmidt and the sex of their child, however, right now it's uncertain if fans will ever get the chance.

At this moment, New Girl has yet to be renewed for a seventh season and the season finale did have a series finale feel to it. Questions about Cece and Schmidt's baby aside, the finale did tie up a lot of loose ends and all the characters were left in a good place. While they wait for the baby to arrive, Cece and Schmidt have comfortably moved into their new home where Cece also set up her new business as a manager for models. Schmidt also got a promotion at his job and is doing well.

Additionally, Nick and Jess are together again and Winston and Aly are about to get married. They've all grown up and are now in solid places in both their professional and personal lives. The series could very well end here, but most fans don't want it to.

While the season finale was certainly nice, no one wants to say goodbye to the loft and all their favorites characters that lived in it. Also, how could it be a series finale without a guest appearance from Coach? It's just not right. Even if it's not a full season, New Girl definitely deserves a chance to more tightly wrap things up with one final season. Hopefully FOX will give them the chance.