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Pippa Middleton Is Aunt To George, Charlotte & Louis, But What About Archie?

With all of the pomp and circumstance that surround members and members adjacent of the royal family, it can be a bit easy to lose sight of the entire family tree. For example, how far does the title of in-law extend? Just to the immediate couple that married, or does it widen out to include brothers and sisters? We can see that dynamic at work right now if we look at how baby Archie is related to Pippa Middleton. He, of course, is Prince Harry’s newborn son and she is the sister of Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton.

Seeing all the family members gather for holidays and events, it’s a little hard to wrap my mind around the fact that there is actually no formal relationship between Pippa and Archie. Since there are such things as second cousins, I was thinking there might be some equivalent for aunts and uncles, but nope. Pippa is no more or less than the sister of Archie’s Aunt Kate.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she's not family or won’t have some kind of presence in Archie’s life, possibly even as one of those honorary “aunties” that so many of us have. Friends of our parents, mothers of our friends, these are the people who fill a special role in guiding, listening, supporting, and watching out for the children of the next generation.

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Also, as Town & Country has reported, it’s known that Pippa is close to her own nieces and nephews, the Cambridge children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — so there’s no reason to think she’d shut the affection down if Archie were around. In fact, Prince George and Princess Charlotte famously stole hearts during certain moments of Pippa’s wedding, where they were members of the bridal party, according to Harper's Bazaar. Their adorable expressions and Princess Charlotte’s perfect wave will be things they look at some day with laughter.

Baby Archie also has two other aunts and uncles that aren’t as well-known. They’re members of his mom, Meghan Markle’s family — her half-sister Samantha and her half-brother Thomas Jr. She’s estranged from Thomas, according to Cosmopolitan, and has been from Samantha at times as well. Still, that didn’t stop Thomas from putting it out there that he’d like an invitation to Archie’s upcoming christening, as The Daily Express reported.

"I can’t say whether I’m going to be invited, you know, I can’t say if Meghan is going to say, ‘OK, enough is enough and, yes, I want my family back in my life,'" he told The Daily Express. "That would be wonderful but I can’t answer that question. Of course, we all want to be there, because that is a big deal. I’m on a personal crusade to better the family image right now and it’s going be a slow, long process."

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What’s more likely is that the Duchess of Sussex will grow closer to Pippa as time goes by, likely due to proximity and their similar ages and since they both have baby sons. Don't you think a play date with Pippa's baby boy Arthur, Archie, and Prince Louis is certainly something that could be part of the future? Regardless, of titles, they’re all still be part of one loving family.