How Your Anus May Feel Postpartum?

Pregnancy and childbirth not only change your life, but your entire body. And many of the changes you'll notice may leave you scratching your head. Even if you've studied every parenting book on the planet, you'll experience something that sends you into a total panic. Since most of the changes happen to parts of your body that you're not comfortable talking about, you may end up suffering in silence. For example, you may not want to admit it out loud, but you've probably asked, "how is my anus supposed to feel postpartum?"

According to Parents, enlarged veins in and around the rectum — i.e. hemorrhoids — are common among new moms. They usually appear as the result of pressure due to constipation or pushing during labor. If you dealt with hemorrhoids during your pregnancy, you are unfortunately more likely likely to experience them postpartum. Although hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and downright annoying, they are nothing to worry about. Keeping the area clean and dry and applying medication with hydrocortisone can help alleviate some of the discomfort until the hemorrhoids clear up on their own.

You may also notice some rectal bleeding postpartum. Passing hard stools may cause cracks in the skin of your anus, as Baby Center added. Rubbing exposed hemorrhoids when you wipe can cause bleeding in the area as well.

You can help prevent some of these issues by maintaining a diet that keeps your bowels moving regularly. High fiber foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of water can help prevent constipation, as Baby Center recommended. If you are dealing with the pain of hemorrhoids, warm sitz baths (without soap or bubbles) and cold compresses soaked in witch hazel can provide some soothing relief.