Will's Connection To The New 'Stranger Things' Monster Is Terrifying

Ever since Will was taken to the Upside Down, he hasn't been the same. At the end of Season 1, fans saw his bathroom turn into the Upside Down and it appears that was just the beginning of his next set of problems. Despite what those at Hawkins Lab said, Will's "episodes" aren't just in his head. And the newest monster to infiltrate the town, currently known as the Shadow Monster, seems to be to blame. It's taken ahold of Will and can see through his eyes and vice-versa. So how is Will connected to the Shadow Monster on Stranger Things? Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 6!

Early on in the season, Will faced off against the Shadow Monster, taking Bob's advice to stop running away from the monster and face it head on. Although Bob's advice was nice, it wasn't really the smartest for this situation. When Will stood his ground against the Shadow Monster, it entered his body, seemingly possessing him to the point that he couldn't move as his mother and friends tried to pull him back.

Even though his mind was able to come back from the Upside Down, he was now connected to the Shadow Monster so that he could see what the monster was doing in his "now memories." Through this he was able to see when Hopper was in trouble and trapped in the tunnels/vines. Additionally, when the people from Hawkins National Laboratory attempted to burn the vines shortly after rescuing Hopper, Will started writing in pain.

The doctors soon realized that Will and the monster are more connected than they once thought, and if you hurt the Shadow Monster, it hurts Will as well. However, Mike was confident that Will could use his powers to learn something about the Shadow Monster that would help them defeat it. Mike believed Will could act as a spy and gain helpful information that would work against the creature. Will feared that this could go both ways, and the Shadow Monster would be able to spy on him as well. Unfortunately, his concerns proved to be correct.

As the doctors contemplated whether or not they should just burn all the vines/tunnels and kill Will along with it, Will suddenly claimed he knew where they needed to go to stop the beast once and for all. So five people went into the tunnels to find what Will supposedly saw in his now memories, but it turned out to be a trap. The Shadow Monster had purposefully used Will to send those people in to get revenge for the burning they'd done.

Once inside, the baby demogorgons, who were previously attacking Steve, Dustin, Lucas, and Max, then headed into the tunnels and killed the lab workers. Based on what Will said at the end of the episode, this is only the beginning because once the demogorgons were down there, they then continued through the tunnels and into the lab, where the doctors, along with Hopper, were watching.

Although Will did follow the Shadow Monster's instructions, it's clear he didn't want to, which seems to suggest the Shadow Monster hasn't completely taken over him just yet. But is the connection between them growing stronger? Based on the images of Will's brain, it certainly seems that way. Unfortunately, that means it'll be even more difficult to stop the Shadow Monster, because it's now become clear it doesn't just have control over Will — it also controls the demogorgons as well.

Hopefully, everyone will be able to make it out of the lab alive and figure out a new plan to take down the latest monster. For now, though, it certainly seems like things have gone from bad to worse in Hawkins.

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