So, Jupiter Is In Retrograde RN... Here's How It's Affecting Your Kid's Zodiac Sign

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

There's an awful lot of guesswork involved when it comes to parenting, and it's almost impossible to make the right guess every time. So if there was something that could help you to predict your kid's otherwise oftentimes unpredictable behavior, you'd probably want to give it a shot, right? Enter astrology! You might not have your child in mind when you scroll through the daily horoscopes, but it makes sense that they'd be affected by the cosmos, too, like Jupiter's current retrograde course in the sign of Scorpio. So what does Jupiter retrograde mean for your kid?

"Jupiter is one of the biggest planets, physically, and that plays into how it works astrologically," astrologer Maressa Brown told Romper for a previous article.

For example, Jupiter is known as the planet of abundance and luck, and represents expansiveness and big-picture thinking. It also has an "exaggerating effect," Brown says, the nature of which will depend on the planet's position in an individual's chart (such your child). But because this Jupiter retrograde is in Scorpio, she continues, the overall theme is one of internal, spiritual changes.

What about babies who are born during this Jupiter retrograde, which started on March 8 and lasts until July 10? You might have a bit of a procrastinator on your hands, according to an article on Witchipedia:

"Children born while Jupiter is in retrograde tend to develop amazing plans, but have a hard time every getting started on anything," the article explained.

"This challenge should be faced with help from friends."

Well, the "amazing plans" part is definitely a positive, at least! And you can surely be that helpful friend. Here's what to expect for kids who have already been born over the next few months.



Your hot-headed little Aries might have to spend some time learning how not to throw blocks at daycare. As astrologer Mary Bergner wrote for, the typical Aries is the "poster child for acting without thinking, which is exactly which is the opposite of what Jupiter retrograde asks of you."

So it might be the case that your kid is called upon to make some progress in the area of impulse control. Bergner's advice for grown-ups? "Strive for compromise without combat" — which essentially translates to "use your words" in kid-speak.



Could your Taurus kid be on hunt for a new BFF? Because Jupiter falls in the 7th house of partnership for those born under the sign of Taurus during this retrograde, Brown explained, this will be a time of really examining close relationships and deciding whether or not to keep them.

With that in mind, don't be surprised if your child suddenly doesn't want to have playdates with her favorite pal anymore (or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, starts asking for playdates every single day).



If your Gemini offspring's tendency to be all over the place drives you nuts, this retrograde might be a good time to work on her focusing skills. That's because while Geminis "tend to be frenetic and restless," as Bergner wrote, under the introspective influence of Jupiter retrograde, they will be "all but forced to sit still" and settle their thoughts. (Hooray!)



Life feeling like all homework and no play lately? This retrograde falls in Cancer's 5th house of romance and pleasure, Brown said, which is of course going to have slightly different connotations for kids than adults. But overall, her advice to find ways to have more "heartfelt fun" works for all ages — especially if your kid is a more serious, shy type who has a hard time warming up to new people and experiences.



Sibling rivalry be gone! With Jupiter in Leo's 4th house of home life, domestic affairs this is an ideal time for family members to work on patching up unresolved issues, said Brown.



Whether your kid is just learning to talk or working on her refining her essay writing skills, Jupiter is in Virgo's 3rd house of communication. That means it's all about learning to interact with the world right now, Brown said. Encourage your kid to speak up and out!



If you're used to your little Libra being the peacemaker of your family (as is their nature), you might want to prepare for a period of selfishness — but that's not necessarily a bad thing. As Bergner wrote, now is the time for Libras to focus on themselves and all the issues they put aside while focusing on making everybody else happy.



Since this retrograde is actually happening in Scorpio, it could be a big chance for little kids born under this sign, as this could be a very healing time for them, according to Brown. So if your kid has been dealing with any sort of lingering illness or issues, this might be the ideal opportunity to focus on getting better (and finally leaving cold and flu season behind!).



While your young Sag might usually be a "social butterfly," as Bergner put it, this retrograde represents a time of uncharacteristically "introverted and introspective" behavior. Encourage your kid to use this time to find some new favorite authors, learn a new skill (like a musical instrument), or try yoga or meditation.



Jupiter is in Capricorn's 11th house of networking, Brown said, meaning that this is the time to re-evaluate connections and figure out how to use them to your advantage. Now, considering your kid probably doesn't have a LinkedIn account, what exactly does that mean for the younger set? Maybe this is a good time for to join a new after school club or decide on a summer camp (some of the most memorable connections in history were made in childhood, after all!).



Innovative Aquarians "don't spend a lot of time looking backwards," as Bergner wrote, but this retrograde they'll be called upon to improve on past ideas and learn from their mistakes, she explained. Sounds like some pretty impressive report cards could be in your kid's future!



Speaking of report cards, as Brown told Romper, Jupiter is Pisces' 9th house of travel and higher education. However, because it's in retrograde, now might be a better time to re-evaluate education or study strategies than make any big changes.

"Think about deep rooted internalized needs, and then later take action," she advised.

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