Here's The Latest You Can Order Mother's Day Flowers

Even though Mother's Day always falls on the second Sunday in May, it always seems to sneak up on people every year. With time running out before the big day, you might be starting to ask yourself "how late can you order Mother's Day flowers?" Luckily, it's not time to worry just yet.

Mother's Day falls on May 14 this year, which is actually the latest date it has ever been. That means you've got maximum shopping time, and really no excuse for blowing it. Major companies know that there are plenty of procrastinators out there, however, so they give their customers lots of time to get their orders in. In a phone call with Romper, a customer service representative at says that orders placed before 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 13 should arrive on time.

Another flower delivery company,, usually offers same day delivery for orders placed by noon on weekends. However, a customer service representative from the company tells Romper that Mother's Day orders would likely be cut off on May 13. Similarly, the 1-800-Flowers' website noted that same-day flower delivery orders are usually cut off at 11:30 a.m. on weekends, but a representative tells Romper that the policy might differ for Mother's Day.


Of course, companies can always change their guidelines at any time if they're swamped with orders. It seems like you hear horror stories every year of people whose orders simply didn't show up, leading to major disappointment. On Valentine's Day this year, for example, I wondered why my husband kept asking me if anything had been delivered to the house when nothing had. He finally sheepishly showed me an email at about 9 p.m. that night from the floral company he'd ordered a bouquet from stating that they'd simply run out of flowers and weren't able to fulfill the order.

Although there's something special about a surprise bouquet of flowers showing up on your doorstep, your mom will likely be just as grateful if you hand deliver a pretty arrangement you picked up at a florist or grocery store. If you don't live nearby and that's not an option, I'd recommend getting your order in sooner rather than later.