What Happens After Your Belly Drops

Pregnancy can feel like it's going to last forever, mostly because you can't wait to meet your precious bundle of joy. Your belly has become its own entity, moving and fluttering with an elbow here and a tiny little foot there. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you may notice that your belly has decided to descend, and now you are left wondering, " How long after my belly drops will I go into labor?"

The American Pregnancy Association explained that baby or belly dropping is actually referred to something called lightening. Lightening is a sign that labor is near, and occurs when your baby's head drops lower into your pelvis, right between your pubic bones.

According to the website for Dr. Sears, first-time mothers can feel their babies drop between two to four weeks before delivery. The website added that second-time mothers often find that their babies drop right before labor begins because their pelvic muscles have already stretched and require little preparation for delivery.

There are a few signs that your belly is dropping. According to What to Expect, when your belly drops you may be able to breathe easier because of the pressure being taken off of your diaphragm. The website also noted that you may feel more pelvic pressure, and due to the baby pushing down on your bladder, you'll likely feel the need to pee more often. You might also have increased discharge caused by the baby's head pushing down on your cervix, thinning it out and pushing out the mucus plug that once blocked it. Sounds pretty, eh?

Every pregnancy is different, but the one thing in common is the excitement and rush you feel when thinking about holding your baby for the first time. When your belly drops and all the other bodily fluid fun begins, you'll know that the moment to meet your precious is (hopefully) not too far away.