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Alex Could Be In Jail For A Long Time On 'Grey's

The midseason premiere of Grey's Anatomy left many fans very concerned about Alex's future. In the first half of Season 13, fans saw the consequences of Alex's actions after he beat up DeLuca. Though he was hoping to get off with a slap on the wrist, the charges against him were bumped up to a felony, which led Dr. Bailey to take him off of surgical duty and put him to work in the clinic. Now it looks like Alex's sentence could be even more dire than fans thought. So how long could Alex Karev be in jail on Grey's Anatomy? Unfortunately it could be a very long time.

In a sneak peek of Thursday night's episode, which was posted by People, fans see Meredith and Maggie attempting to look up Alex's case. Once Meredith is able to find Alex's case number in her emails, Maggie puts in the information only to discover bad news. Where it says "sentence" it says Alex could be facing 30 years to life behind bars. That's way more time than Alex was supposedly going to get if he accepted the plea deal, which Bailey seemed to believe he did. So what does this mean exactly? Well, hopefully it means Alex didn't actually accept the plea deal and he's still going to court, hence why his sentence could be so long. Now all Alex, or rather his attorney, has to do is make sure he's not found guilty, which unfortunately, may easier said than done.

The truth of the matter is Alex is actually guilty. He did beat up DeLuca and almost ended his fellow surgeon's career by hitting him in the eye. These are just facts. However, it's Alex, and despite his mistake I really would prefer he didn't go to jail. Still, besides a TV miracle, Alex's chances of escaping this court case unscathed are slim. The only way he could possibly walk free is if DeLuca drops the charges, which could very well happen.

Anyone can see that DeLuca has developed feelings for Jo and in an effort to protect Jo from having to testify, DeLuca may decide to drop the charges. This is still a big "if," though, since there's really been no evidence that DeLuca plans on doing this. In fact, he's been pretty emphatic about how much he dislikes Alex. Regardless, I'm hoping DeLuca comes through because Alex going to jail is just not a good enough option for me.

You can watch the sneak peek above and tune in to Grey's Anatomy on ABC this Thursday at 8 p.m. ET to see what's next for Alex.