Brianna & Danae Were Together Long Before Appearing On 'Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant'

In the first episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Brianna and Danae immediately charmed everyone with what seemed to be a solid and clearly very loving relationship. So how long have Brianna and Danae been together? They explained on the show that they had been off and on for nearly three years by the time the show started when Brianna was five months pregnant. But it feels like these relationships never work out the way I want them to, and by the second episode, Brianna and Danae were in the middle of a huge fight.

When Brianna and Danae were first introduced to viewers it was revealed that Danae is transgender. It's still very rare to see trans people represented on television at all, so naturally everybody was rooting for the young couple, especially since they seemed to care about each other so much. In her casting video Brianna explained that she fell in love with Danae for who he is and it doesn't matter at all to her that he's trans. Nevertheless, the couple were on and off for years and during one of their "off" periods, Brianna got pregnant by another man. So when they got back together, Danae agreed to raise the child as his own and step up and be a father. If that doesn't say love, then I don't know what does.

On the first episode of the show, Brianna is shown explaining to her friend that the two of them have been on and off for almost three years, which is like decades when you're that age. Their relationship appeared to be pretty solid, if only because Danae had been so willing to be the baby's father — and actually seemed pretty excited about it. Brianna's baby Braeson was born without his left forearm, and even before he was born Danae said that this disability already made him feel closer to the baby, because feeling different was something they both experienced.

But by Episode 2, it looked like this couple was headed for the rocks. Danae wanted to go out with friends and Brianna wanted him to stay home. So as he was driving away, she ended up chasing the car barefoot and getting in. Then she decided she really just wanted to go home and got out of the car. She ended up walking the four blocks home, barefoot, and seven months pregnant in the middle of the night while Danae drove off. This resulted in a huge fight, moderated in part by Brianna's mother, and finally ended with Danae saying he'd never be enough for her.

As hard as I've looked (and I've looked a lot), I haven't been able to find this couple's social media accounts. As that would be pretty much my only way of knowing whether they're still together or not. I unfortunately have no clue as to whether they managed to mend things in the end. Obviously I hope that they did because happy endings are just way more fun than sad ones. Unfortunately, having a kid at such a young age is a pretty stressful situation for any couple, and I wouldn't be surprised if they did breakup.

In any case, I at least feel pretty confident that Brianna will make a kind and compassionate mother to her little boy. In an interview with People she explained that she wouldn't change anything about her son, regarding his disability. And she also said that if he ever had his own coming out she would be happy as long as he is happy. Well, that's one happily ever after.

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