How Long Should You Swaddle For?

It goes by many names: baby burrito, kid nugget, and bundle o' baby. But no matter what you call it, swaddling can be a beneficial part of your baby's sleep routine. The first time you try wrapping your baby in a swaddle, you may wonder if you needed a special degree to get the job done. Thankfully, once you get the hang of it, your baby will feel as warm and snuggly as he did in the womb. But eventually your baby is going to grow and swaddling won't be right anymore. So, how long should you swaddle for? It depends on your baby.

The concept of swaddling came about from the realization that, for the past nine months, newborns have only known the feeling of being tightly snuggled in your belly apartment. According to the Baby Sleep Site, swaddling extends the womb feeling for them, and brings a sense of comfort and familiarity. Think of it as a cozy transition from womb to world. But as your baby starts to make other transitions in their development, you'll want to look for signs to stop swaddling in order to allow your baby more freedom, and more importantly, ensure your little one's safety.

To know when it's time for your bambino to move on from swaddling, look for signs of night movement. If your baby is busting out of his burrito each night to free his arms, take it as a sign. Typically, babies start to outgrow the need for a swaddle around the time they start rolling over, as Baby Center reported. Mind you, they do not need to have mastered the roll over, just showing signs that this feat is coming is enough. This developmental milestone starts to happen between three and four months old, according to Parents magazine.

Once the swaddle becomes a thing of the past, you can use other ways to help comfort your baby as he slips from the excitement of a busy day into dreamland. As sleep expert Dr. Sears reported for Parenting magazine, rocking, singing songs, and warm bath are great ways to soothe your baby at bedtime once he has outgrown the swaddle. And also a great way to make sweet bedtime memories with your child.