How Long Should You Wait To Tell People You're Pregnant? It Depends Who You Tell

When I have big news, I want to grab a megaphone and ride through the streets spreading the word. But even a notorious blabbermouth like myself can be a little gun shy when it comes to sharing news about pregnancy. It's just too delicate to treat with the same grandstanding tendencies as I would winning tickets to see Justin Timberlake in concert. (Because you know that was all over my Instagram two seconds after I won.) But once you discover you're going to be a mama, you start to wonder how long you should wait to tell people you're pregnant, because everyone is going to find out at some point.

As a standard, many women wait until they have completed their first trimester to announce that they are pregnant. This is common since the majority of miscarriages happen in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association, and many women feel that news would be too personal to have to share with others. But the bottom line is: it's your pregnancy and you can tell people as soon or as late in the game as you wish. The only thing you may want to consider, is the order in which you tell the different groups of people in your life.

If you're pregnant and ready to spread the word, consider these guidelines for how long should wait to tell people you're pregnant.


Immediate Family

You're excited to share the news with those closest to you, but worried about sharing too soon because of the risk of miscarriage. But as Fit Pregnancy pointed out, sharing your pregnancy news it totally up to you, and you are free to tell your loved ones whenever you feel comfortable. Also, if a miscarriage were to occur, having the support of family will help you feel less alone.


Close Friends

Many people choose to wait until the standard 12-week mark to share the news with friends. But much like the "rules" of telling family, if you are bursting with excitement to tell your close friends sooner, the choice is all yours. To make the announcement fun, try one of these creative ways to share you're pregnant from Parents magazine. These ideas are sure to make an impression on your friends.


Extended Family

If you have a large family, holding off on telling extended family members your pregnancy news may be best, according to Pregnancy & Baby. Although there is no strict time line, extended family should always get the news after immediate family. Out of respect for the soon-to-be grandparents, you don't want Aunt Sally boasting bragging rights that she found out before you told your own mother. (Plus, you know you would never live that one down.)



Letting your boss in on your pregnancy is best done sooner than later. To stay ahead of rumors and assumptions, What To Expect's website recommends telling your boss you're pregnant as soon as possible. This way, they won't have to wonder why you're calling in sick or excusing yourself from meetings due to morning sickness.



Once your boss knows, it's safe to let your co-workers in on the news that you're expecting. But don't be surprised if this brings out some strange behavior from those a few cubicles over. As NBC News pointed out, once the word is out, people who you've hardly spoken with may start asking questions about your pregnancy. So be prepared for casual acquaintances to suddenly be very interested in your baby belly.