Don't Miss Starbucks' Lady Gaga Drinks

Stopping by Starbucks to blow $5 on a sugary drink is the year-round guilty pleasure of the 21st Century. But pop icon and philanthropist Lady Gaga just announced that she's partnered with the beverage giant in a campaign to make sure that some of that money goes to a very good cause. Starting Tuesday, 25 cents of each drink associated with the partnership will go toward "programs that support youth wellness and empowerment by fostering kindness, improving mental health resources, and creating more positive environments," according to Starbucks. While that's going on, customers can lose the guilt and simply take pleasure in sipping a cool drink and supporting that worthy cause. So, how long will Lady Gaga's Starbucks line be available?

Officially, a portion of the proceeds from purchases of four drinks that will make up the "Cup of Kindness" campaign will go toward Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation from June 13 to June 19. The drinks that will hit menus in the United States and Canada as part of the effort to promote kindness are the news Violet Drink and Matcha Lemonade. Pink Drink and Ombré Pink Drink, which are already on the menu, will be part of the collection as well — so be sure to add any one (or all!) of those to your Starbucks orders in the next week.

If you don't have time to try them all out in seven days, though, you're in luck: The Matcha Tea Lemonade and Violet Drink will be on the menu to stay even after the promotion ends, according to Cosmopolitan. But supporting the Born This Way Foundation is the major draw of the drinks, so don't wait. Gaga, after all, is pretty excited about participating, as she said in the Starbucks announcement of the partnership:

We're healthier and happier when we live our lives with compassion and our communities are stronger when we treat one another with generosity and respect. Born This Way Foundation and I are so excited to partner with Starbucks to help inspire positivity and love through the Cups of Kindness collection.

Starbucks has pledged a minimum contribution of $250,000 to the Born This Way Foundation as a result of this partnership, but it certainly could be more depending on how much of the colorful, nondairy drinks customers in the United States and Canada guzzle. So forget about the guilt of indulging in a Starbucks treat and just enjoy the fact that, in this case, doing so is helping young people. What could be better than that?