Check Out The New Frappuccino Cremes

Summer is almost officially here, but Starbucks is kicking off the season a day early with the release of two very tasty-looking fruity Frappuccino Crème blended drinks: Berry Prickly Pear and Mango Pineapple Frappuccino Crèmes. Both new drinks are available on Tuesday, but how long with the new Frappuccino Crèmes be available? According to a statement from Starbucks, these new fruity Frappuccinos will be available "for a limited time while supplies last." Since there's no official end date to mark on your calendar, your best bet is to snag these new summery drinks before summer is over, because you definitely won't be seeing them on the menu all year.

No, but seriously: These look delish. Starbucks' Frappuccino menu is pretty huge (currently offering 30 different flavors that are mostly coffee-inspired), but none of the options are so summery and fruity as the newest Frappuccino Crèmes. The mango Frappuccino blended Crème is the base for both drinks: For the berry prickly pear, a mango Frappuccino blended Crème is poured over a strawberry and prickly pear fruit puree, then topped with more of that yummy pureed goodness, according to the Starbucks menu. Ditto the formula for the mango pineapple Frappuccino Crème, except with a tasty mango pineapple puree. Both drinks are sans whipped cream, so both have a refreshingly bright tartness and sweetness.

These new Frappuccino Crèmes are the latest in what seems to be a grand experiment in Frappuccino wizardy from Starbucks. In April, Frapp fans went nuts for Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino, a wild pink, purple, and blue concoction in which no actual unicorns were harmed in the making of each drink. Lucky customers who ordered the drink before it sold out said the Unicorn Frappuccino tasted like anything from tart and citrusy to sour blue raspberry candy.

Thankfully, it seems as though the new berry prickly pear and mango pineapple Frappuccino Crèmes offer a far more approachable flavor profile. And if you're worried about bikini season, they're not too crazy on the calories, either: Just 260 calories for a grande. While they may not boast the vanilla-flavored pink finishing powder or the swirls of purple and blue of their Unicorn cousin, these new Frappuccinos are just as pretty as they are tasty.

Behold, the sassy hot pink layers of the berry prickly pear Frappuccino Crème:

And here's it's happy-go-lucky blonde companion, the mango pineapple Frappuccino Crème:

Are you salivating like I am? Because these look damn tasty and like the perfect fruity refresher for the hottest of days this summer. And I will totally look the other way if you just happen to throw in a splash of rum or vodka for some grown up summer sippin' on the porch.