How Make Your Whole Thanksgiving Meal In Muffin Tins, So You Can Minimize Your Clean Up

For years, Thanksgiving tables have been set with traditional meats and sides, showcased atop fancy platters and serving dishes. But maybe this year you feel a little rebellious and want to add some unexpected fun to the Turkey Day celebration. If your inner rule-breaker is dying to come out, surprise your guests with an entire Thanksgiving dinner made in muffin tins.

These bite-sized recipes might be small in stature, but they are big on flavor and presentation. (You even get to use a kitchen torch for the sweet potato muffins. Score!) And since you are going rogue with these unconventional recipes, you're able to use your decorative skills to present them in a Pinterest-worthy way. Present them atop cupcake stands and cake platters, or arrange your Thanksgiving muffins into an edible pyramid.

Even if you're not ready to take the leap and make your entire dinner in muffin tins, you can still incorporate one or two of these ideas into your meal as a side or dessert. Because Thanksgiving fare can come with a little flare. So this yer, trade the large pots and pans for a more compact muffin tin to create some delicious Thanksgiving food that will have everyone asking for more.


Mini Garden Turkey Loaves

Budget Bytes' mini garden turkey loaves have the tasty and cost-effective answer to feeding your guests a hearty main dish that they can nibble as they mingle.


Pancetta & Sage Stuffing Muffins

These simple and flavorful pancetta and sage stuffing muffins from A Cozy Kitchen are perfect on their own, but are just begging to be dipped in some gravy before being devoured.


Chicken Pot Pie Minis

If you are looking for another main to serve in addition to (or in the place of) the turkey, The Scrumptious Pumpkin's skinny chicken pot pie minis are the perfect solution. Using pre-made fillo dough for the crust will save you from rolling out and cutting pie dough.


Sweet Potato Muffins With Marshmallow Frosting

If you are looking for an excuse to use (or buy) a kitchen torch, you have to make A Cozy Kitchen's sweet potato muffins with marshmallow frosting. These have the same flavors of Thanksgiving's beloved casserole all rolled into one muffin.


Roasted Vegetable Mac & Cheese Cups

Let's be thankful for The Comfort of Cooking for creating these roasted vegetable mac and cheese bites. They look fancy, but only require six ingredients. And the fact that there are veggies added in makes you feel good about eating more than you can count on one hand.


No Bake Pumpkin Pie Cups

If your kids want to help prepare Thanksgiving meal, let them assist with Cara's Cravings' easy no bake pumpkin pie cups.

Images: Courtesy of The Scrumptious Pumpkin; Budget Bytes; A Cozy Kitchen; The Scrumptious Pumpkin; A Cozy Kitchen; The Comfort of Cooking; Cara's Cravings