John Medland/Freeform

'Shadowhunters' Season 3 Marks The Beginning Of The End For The Series

All good things must come to an end, and yes, that includes your favorite supernatural teen dramas. Tell that to the original Supernatural, which is deep in its fourteenth season, but unfortunately Freeform’s Shadowhunters doesn’t have as much staying power. Fans knew ahead of Season 3 that it would be the series' last, so it’s no big surprise. But now that part two of Season 3 premieres tonight, fans might be wondering how many episodes are in Shadowhunters Season 3. How else are you going to mentally prepare for the end if you don't know exactly when it is coming?

Season 3 was originally supposed to be 20 episodes, but it was later announced that two extra episodes had been ordered to give the show a two-hour series finale on May 13 and 12 episodes for part two of Season 3. It’s never easy when your favorite show ends, but at least Shadowhunters Season 3 will have had a full 22 episode final season to properly end it and tie up all loose ends. There’s always the off chance that a streaming platform like Netflix will pick it up to continue the story, but since there’s been no indication of that just yet, fans will have to do with the rest of Season 3 as it airs.

Like a lot of standout TV shows and movies, Shadowhunters is based on a book series. The Mortal Instruments is a series of six young adult novels about shadowhunters, which are humans born with angel blood and the ability to protect others from demonic creatures. On the show and in the books, these shadowhunters are essentially demon hunters, but there is plenty of underlying drama and growing up under the surface.

It’s unclear how the series will end and if good will prevail once again, but going into part two of Season 3, things aren’t looking great. Jonathan is more powerful than ever and even if they band together, the shadowhunters aren't guaranteed a win this time around. Hopefully with the extended season, Shadowhunters will do everyone justice by ending things on a high note.

The Shadowhunters cast recently spoke to TVLine and teased what to expect from Season 3 part two and how your favorite demon hunters might or might not come back from the mid-season finale.

Katherine McNamara, who plays Clary, said that her character will "never be the same" after the explosion and with the return of Jonathan. "They go on an interesting journey," McNamara revealed. "Not only are they forming a relationship with no outside interference for the first time, but she also finally understands the suffering he’s been through. This poor kid never had a chance to be normal or to feel loved."

Alberto Rosende, who plays Simon, said that viewers will "definitely see him at rock bottom" now that he believes Clary to be dead. On a lighter note, however, Simon and Izzy are likely officially endgame. "They’re going to be seeing things in one another that they didn’t see before," Emeraude Toubia, who plays Izzy, told TVLine. "And the moment they [fall for each other], it’s going to be so heated. It’ll be so crazy and hot, you’ll see fire."

Shadowhunters Season 3 part two is definitely going to feel like a season on its own, given everything that went down in the mid-season finale and everything that needs to be resolved by the end. Luckily, there are 12 episodes left to get it done. Hopefully by the end of the season, there won't be too many more casualties and a more or less happy ending for most of your fave demon hunters.