'Up & Vanished' Season 2 Has Come To An End & Listeners Of The Podcast Weren't Ready

After investigating the disappearance of Georgia school teacher Tara Grinstead, listeners from all over quickly became enthralled with Season 2 of Up and Vanished, the true crime podcast that dug deep into Kristal Reisinger's mysterious disappearance from a small town in Colorado. The case is full of twists and turns, so you may be wondering how many episodes are in Up and Vanished Season 2 and if there will be any concrete conclusion to Reisinger's case.

After the show's host, Payne Lindsey, was successful in leading police to solve the crime following the first season of the podcast, according to Rolling Stone, fans are obviously hopeful that the end of Season 2 of Up and Vanished will be able to accomplish the same.

In Season 2, Up and Vanished focuses on the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger, a mom from Arizona who moved to Crestone, Colorado in search of spiritual enlightenment. In 2016, Reisinger disappeared after attending a drum circle underneath a full moon, and was never heard from again, according to E! News.

During this season of the show, there are 12 episodes that focus on Reisinger's disappearance, and the finale of Season 2 just aired on Monday, Nov. 26.

But loyal listeners of Up and Vanished know that Lindsey doesn't just stick to his structured episodes. Throughout Season 2, there have been bonus episodes, during which he has answered questions from listeners, and provided more insight into the town of Crestone, Reisinger, and the case itself.

Although the finale of Season 2 has aired, there will be plenty of bonus content to come. On Wednesday, Lindsey asked listeners on Twitter to call in with more questions about Reisinger's disappearance for a future episode. "Got any questions about Season 2? Call us and ask for our next Q&A," he tweeted, along with the phone number to call: 404-410-0911.

And good thing Lindsey is opening up the phone lines because many people took to Twitter following the finale to express their feelings about Season 2.

It's clear listeners want more answers, and during a recent Q&A session on the podcast, Lindsey said that he hoped this season would get the ending that listeners were hoping for, but he acknowledged that it will take time. According to E! News, he said:

I definitely think Kristal's case can be solved, I think it's going to take some time though. I think we learned a lot at this point, but there's a lot of missing pieces. I think in a matter of time, we'll get them.

The conclusion of Season 2 may have left some listeners feeling a bit helpless and wanting to help Reisinger's family during this tough time. And, fortunately, the podcast has created a GoFundMe page for Reisinger's 5-year-old daughter, Akasha, who is currently in kindergarten and being raised by her father, Elijah. If you'd like, you can donate money through the GoFundMe page to provide "something positive for Kasha, despite this tragedy, by offering some financial assurance for her future." In the past three days since the campaign was started, it's raised nearly $9,000.

Season 2 might have come to a close this week, but it seems like Up and Vanished's work is far from over.