Jasper Savage/Starz

You Have *This* Many Sundays To Devote To 'American Gods' Season 2

The adaptation of Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel, American Gods, became an insta-hit after its debut in 2017. With the Season 1 finale leaving fans wanting more, Season 2's March 10 premiere on Starz can't come soon enough. With so much time having passed between seasons, it's only natural you want — need — to know every last thing that's to come, like how many episodes American Gods Season 2 will have so you can preemptively plan your life around watching it.

Lucky for you, Gaiman — who serves as executive producer of the show — has at least five seasons of American Gods planned out, in line with the book. The first season covered only part of it, so it'll be interesting to see how all eight episodes of Season 2 play out every week, for about two months. Clear your schedules now because this is important, people. In case you forgot what American Gods is about, it's based partly on the way immigrants traveled to America over thousands of years. This version of reality has the immigrants bringing their gods with them on their journey, eventually forgetting all they've worshipped, abandoning the gods that once sustained them. Thus, the gods are forced to fight for their own survival before they're forgotten completely.

Because it's been a while since Season 1 ended — Old Gods are being replaced by New Gods and there's a war brewing. The first episode, "House on the Rock," picks up about 30 minutes after the Season 1 finale episode with Old Gods pushed to Wisconsin and New Gods looking for Media (Kahyum Kim). The deterioration of Bilquis the sex goddess (who's said to be a major part in Season 2) seemed like the end of it all, but Tech Boy found a way to provide hope in the new revolution.

Season 2 promises to introduce New Gods, but it remains to be seen how it'll all play out with the departure of Gillian Anderson, Kristin Chenoweth, and noteworthy showrunners, Bryan Fuller and Micahel Green due to "disagreements." Regardless, Gaiman himself said of Chenoweth as Easter, "We actually plucked her early. Somewhere up the line we’re going to meet Easter again. Whether or not we get Kristin or someone else remains to be seen."

"It’s definitely taken a while to get season two out but it takes a while to get good [episodes]. I think we’d all rather have it good than have it quicker," Gaiman said, according to Variety. While the war between gods will certainly be a main focus, it'll impact each character in different ways. Gaiman teased, "Things are going to get darker, things are going to get more dangerous."

If you weren't having the best day, let those upcoming eight episodes of American Gods be the sunshine to your rain. The rainbow to your snow. The full carton of ice cream to your empty one. No matter which way you say it, Season 2 and all its glory (no pun intended) is coming and yes, you can thank me for telling you.

American Gods Season 2 premieres on Sun., March 10, at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.