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How Many Episodes Is Catalina In On 'Jane The Virgin'? She May Be Leaving Soon

On the third season of Jane the Virgin, Jane's family got a little bigger. Don't worry, Jane didn't have another surprise baby. Instead she learned about her grandmother's sister, Cecila, and discovered there was a whole other part of her family she never knew. Although Alba didn't want Jane to be in contact with their family, Jane decided for once she had to disagree with her grandmother and started talking to her cousin, Catalina, who later surprised both Michael and Jane by showing up on their doorstep unannounced. So how many episode will Catalina be in on Jane the Virgin and is she really in town just to get to know Jane or to cause trouble?

As of now, it's unclear just how long Catalina will be sticking around. According to Sofia Pernas' IMDB page, her character only appears in two episodes, but that's obviously not accurate since fans have already seen her in two and she'll be appearing in Monday night's episode as well. However, according to the Jane the Virgin wiki page, Catalina is set to appear in a total of four episodes, which seems a bit more plausible. If this is true, then it seems Catalina won't be sticking around for much longer, which isn't all that surprising since she was telling Jane about her endless travels.

At this point, it seems both Michael and Alba will be happy to see Catalina leave. When Catalina joined the Villanueva's for dinner, everything was going well until Catalina claimed Alba stole her husband from Catalina's grandmother. Alba was obviously deeply offended and explained to Jane later that she hadn't even known her sister, Cecila, liked him until their wedding after she tried to ruin the day by telling everyone Alba wasn't a virgin. Alba then warned Jane, telling her she didn't trust Catalina and she reminded her of Cecila.

Michael, on the other hand, didn't like Catalina because he didn't appreciate that she made Jane feel like her life was boring. Truthfully, I think Catalina is lying about all her wonderful adventures around the world and her interest in Rafael seems a bit suspicious. Hopefully if Catalina is up to something nefarious she leaves before she causes too much drama. Jane has enough problems to deal with as it is.