'Derry Girls' Season 2 Is "Class"

If you've watched the entire first season of Derry Girls in one sitting, you aren't alone. The Netflix comedy centers on five Catholic school teens in Northern Ireland in the early '90s during The Troubles. The oddball, endearing, and occasionally poignant show left fans eager for more after Season 1. As a constantly trending series, it's no wonder newbs who just caught on want to know how many episodes are in Season 2 of Derry Girls.

To watch the the second season of Derry Girls on Netflix, you'll need to devote the same amount of time you gave to Season 1, as there are, again, six episodes in the season. This makes 12 total episodes and about six hours of content — perfectly doable for a lazy weekend afternoon. Season 1 premiered on UK's Channel 4 almost a year earlier than the U.S. premiere date, and Season 2 has likewise already premiered overseas in March. So that means avoid hot takes on the internet if you don't want any spoilers.

If you're one of the few who hasn't checked this one out, let me recap. The show is set in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, a vicious civil rights conflict between the Protestant British Loyalists and the Catholic Irish Nationalists. But the show is not a history lesson — instead it centers around a charmingly hapless group of teen girls — and one English boy who attends their girls' school so as to avoid being bullied for his Englishness at the boys' school.

The five angsty, awkward, teens are Erin, Clare, Michelle, Orla, and honorary Derry girl, James — Michelle's sweet if slightly clueless English cousin. The show follows the five as they navigate typical adolescent issues like dating, partying, ornery nuns, and their parents against a backdrop of serious political unrest.

In an interview with Radio Times, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Erin, says Season 2 of Derry Girls will be worth the wait. "I would say there’s no second-album fear," she said. "Lisa [McGee, the show's creator] has really outdone herself. Not to say same old, same old, but the girls are definitely in the same situation, still a disaster, still a bunch of selfish teenagers, still getting themselves into trouble and thinking they’re right at all times."


As in Season 1, Derry Girls Season 2 sees the girls navigating both nearby bombings and high school crushes gone awry with the same angst that manages to be both relatable and utterly hilarious. Reviews of the show are nothing short of glowing. The Guardian proclaimed the sitcom "the funniest thing on TV" after the first season aired. Of the second season, The New York Times praises how the show blends the profound and the mundane — noting that the series has actually become a tourist attraction in the real city of Derry.

There was also word via Channel 4 a confirmed Season 3 is in the works, and possibly even a movie. Everybody is enjoying Derry Girls, basically, both in Ireland and over here in the United States.