Netflix's Docuseries 'Dope' Returns For A Third Season

Netflix’s documentary series, Dope, returns for a third season, and viewers can expect to get another close-up look at the drug war and the various players involved. After one of the stars from Season 2 was arrested on drug charges, this new season will focus on new dealers, users, and law enforcement officers in different cities. It’s a compelling and eye-opening watch, so you’re probably wondering, how many episodes is Dope Season 3?

Just like previous its previous installments, Dope is getting four episodes for Season 3. Each episode will focus on different aspects of the global drug epidemic, highlighting stories of addiction, the lucrative drug trade, and the investigations that go into catching dangerous dealers.

According to Netflix, the first episode of Season 3 will focus on fentanyl addiction and how customs agents are working to stop its flow, and will also feature a Boston dealer who will talk about the financial risks and benefits of his trade. Episode 2 will take viewers to Columbia, where a huge shipment of cocaine is being transported to Madrid, but the smugglers involved have no clue that the police may be on to them.

The third episode will follow the drug epidemic in Los Angeles, highlighting how smugglers and dealers exploit addicts, and how law enforcement officers scan land and sea to find illegal drugs. Viewers will get a close look at the drug war in the Netherlands’ port city of Rotterdam, where cocaine drug lords hire dangerous hitment to intimidate and silence people that they think may be snitching.

Season 3 comes amidst the news about a drug dealer from Season 2 that was caught and arrested earlier this year. As reported by WXYZ Detroit, after getting a tip in July 2018, the Oakland County Narcotic Enforcement Team conducted undercover surveillance of 21-year-old Ryan James Zettell of Troy, Michigan. The tipper told officers that Zettell was on the Netflix series, specifically on Episode 3 of Season 2, in which he admitted he went by the street name “Ozone.”

In the episode, under the alias “Ozone,” Zettell talked about how he obtained drugs like ecstasy from all over the world, and he touted the quality of his products compared to other dealers. He also revealed that he made a lot of money dealing drugs, but that he didn’t want to become a drug lord and was actually going to college to study criminal justice. But he did admit that he was vigilant about the police catching up to him. “I’m gonna have in the back of my mind, ‘I can get caught,” he said on the show. “I’m not untouchable.”

After seeing Zettell conduct illegal drug transactions, WXYZ Detroit reported that deputies raided his premises and found a gun, drugs, and cash. Upon arrest, he admitted to law enforcement that he was the person featured the Netflix show. Zettell went on to plead guilty to six charges, including three counts of drug trafficking, and was sentenced to three to 20 years in prison earlier this month.

The new season of Dope will follow new people and new stories, and viewers will get four episodes to take them through these compelling journeys.

Dope Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.