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How Many Episodes Is 'Suits' Season 7? Get Ready To Return To Pearson Specter Litt


The seventh season of Suits is finally here and fans can't wait to see what's next for Mike and Harvey. So how many episodes is Suits Season 7? According to Deadline, it's a full 16-episode season, which will also include the series' 100th episode. At the end of Season 6, fans saw Mike get accepted into the BAR and finally become a legit lawyer. Meanwhile, Rachel was also accepted into the BAR as well. Now that the two are both practicing attorneys who are working at Pearson Specter Litt, it'll be interesting to see how this impacts their relationship together. Similarly, how will Harvey handle working with Mike, now that Mike isn't a fraud?

Fans are probably also hoping that Season 7 will be the season that Donna and Harvey finally get together at long last. This will they/won't they couple has been trying the patience of viewers ever since Season 1 — but at the end of Season 6 it looked like maybe Donna was trying to tell Harvey she's ready for "something more." However, Donna has always said she couldn't be in relationship with Harvey while she worked for him. Would Donna really stop being Harvey's assistant just for a chance at a real relationship with him? That just doesn't seem like Donna, though I guess you never know.

The new season will also bring in a new character. Dule Hill, who starred in USA's other popular series, Psych, will be a series regular in the seventh season. He'll play Harvey's longtime friend, Alex Williams, who's currently a senior partner at rival law firm Bratton Gould. It's unclear whether Alex will actually remain a friend to Harvey, or if he'll be this season's villain. Either way, he'll surely bring something new to the show and it'll be fun to see how he shakes things up.

What fans are really looking forward to this season, though, is the 100th episode. Patrick Adams, who plays Mike, directed the milestone episode, and the cast recently celebrated by reading the script of the pilot episode at the ATX Festival. Gina Torres, who left the series midway through Season 6, also came out to reprise her role as Jessica Pearson, as she did in the Season 6 finale.

After Jessica's brief appearance at the end of Season 6, fans can't help but hope she'll pop up again this season, despite seeming perfectly happy with her new life in Chicago. At the very least, fans are hoping she'll turn up for Episode 100, but Torres has yet to confirm if that will be the case.

Whether or not Jessica returns, you can see what's happening at Pearson Specter Litt when Suits returns on Wednesday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET on USA.