Larry D. Horricks/ABC

Fans Are Already Loving The New Spy Thriller ‘Whiskey Cavalier’

Scott Foley has come a long way since playing wholesome heartthrob Noel Crane on the WB drama Felicity. He's graduated to a mature type of heartthrob for ABC. First, he played Teddy's patient-turned-husband Henry on Grey's Anatomy before moving on to play Jake Ballard, the spy who once had Olivia Pope's heart on Scandal. Now, he's combining his heartthrobbing and spying talents to play Will Chase, an FBI agent with sensitive side on Whiskey Cavalier. It's only aired the pilot so far, but it's so good fans want to know how many episodes Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 will have.

ABC has not announced the series' official episode order yet. So far, fans know from press releases that the network will air at least four more episodes through Wednesday March 20.

But if ratings are any indication, the show's future is very, very bright. ABC aired a "preview" of the show after The Oscars broadcast on Febuary 24 to help boost interest before the official premiere on Wednesday Feb. 27. But as The Hollywood Reporter discovered, the ratings remained steady for both airings, and the 1.3 average rating among adults ages 18-49 was on target with previous shows in Whiskey Cavalier's time slot.

In an essay for Paste Magazine, author Alexis Gunderson suggested that Whiskey Cavalier might be a huge hit because by relying on equal parts romance and action, it provides the comfort a procedural requires while also keeping viewers on their toes.

The key to making that magic requires chemistry, and Scott Foley explained why he and Lauren Cohan who plays CIA agent (and his character's eventual love interest) Frankie Trowbridge work so well together in an interview with ABC. "We have these intense fight scenes and chase scenes and one of my requests when we were casting that role was that whoever we ended up with just be game...be willing to try it out, be willing to get in there and get their hands dirty and maybe get hurt and see what happens — and [Cohan's] been game so far."

As for why he cast Foley, Whiskey Cavalier creator David Hemingson told Entertainment Weekly, "Scott Foley, in addition to being able to kick ass, also give you those wounded green eyes when you need them. He feels it and you see it in his eyes. From the moment I met him over an egg white omelette, I was like ‘This guy is the guy.'”

Though Foley likes Cohan's fearless grit, Hemingson cast her because as Maggie on The Walking Dead she proved herself capable of expressing emotion well during extreme situations, to say the least. “She got to the humanity on that heightened show, and you’re rooting for Maggie the entire time, he said.

Fans definitely miss Maggie, but they are excited to see Cohan in her new role.

Foley's Will Chase already has other fans forgetting about Jake Ballard. "I watched #WhiskeyCavalier and I loved it I forgot all about Jake Ballard while I was watching it," one fan admitted.

ABC hasn't forgotten about Scandal just yet. Whiskey Cavalier's second episode already has Foley reuniting with his former costar on the show, Bellamy Young. Catch the episode titled “The Czech List” airing March 6 on ABC.