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In Case You Didn't Know, Adam Scott Is One Funny & Devoted Dad

by Brianna Wiest

It's interesting to get to know certain actors through their years-long careers, iconic and super quotable characters, and interviews on our favorite late night TV spots. But when it comes to their personal lives, sometimes, they can be a bit more private, particularly when kids are involved. (It's understandable, honestly.) Still, with HBO's Big Little Lies back on the air, some super fans may be wondering: how many kids Adam Scott has in real life.

Scott has been married to his wife, Naomi, since 2005, according to Heightline, and together they share two children — a 10-year-old daughter named Frankie and a 12-year-old son named Graham. Though the couple is decidedly private about their children's lives (they do not post photos of them, or bring them to Hollywood events), Scott has previously spoken about how they feel about their dad's career, and whether or not they watch some of his shows. The answer? A pretty resounding "no."

In a 2017 interview with Seth Meyers, according to HuffPost, Scott said that his kids really love shows like The Good Place and Superstore. “I’m kind of always like, ‘Hey guys, you know what would fit perfectly into that comedy trifecta, is a little show called Parks & Rec.,” he told Meyers at the time, adding that their response is typically something like, “Nah, not really, it doesn’t feel right, right now. Let’s watch this episode of Good Place again instead.”

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Jokes aside, Scott has also spoken about raising his children to be active in their community, especially politically. "My wife and I try to be politically active and community-minded and have tried to pass that same spirit on to our kids," the actor told SheKnows in a January interview. "Suffice it to say, these last few years have been a great lesson in putting practice into action."

And aside from trying to get them to watch Parks & Rec, Scott is also trying to do his part to make the world as nice as possible for the next generation. Last year, according to Fatherly, he is actually very outspoken about environmental concerns, and has actually cleaned up literal parks for children to play in.

"The federal agencies in charge of protecting people — kids especially — from dangers like these toxic persistent pesticides are being dismantled day by day,” Scott said in an interview with Fatherly late last year. “It’s outrageous that we even have to be concerned with things like this — as parents, we all have enough to worry about."

Though he keeps the kids off the 'gram, Scott is also forthcoming about how much he loves his wife Naomi. "My wife @nfscott is brilliant, hilarious, & beautiful and I got to be her date last night," he wrote on a picture of them after a Vanity Fair party. "Thanks @vanityfair so much fun as always."

So outside of the amazing jokes, Scott is a devoted father, husband and humanitarian. Though he might do an amazing job at making us laugh and cry on TV, it's clear that he's also really got it together in his personal life, and it's all nothing short of aspirational.