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Presidential Hopeful Elizabeth Warren Has A Loving & Supportive Family

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is known to be bold and forthright, taking on all challengers as she lays out comprehensive plans for the nation's future. And as she gears up to take the stage at the second round of Democratic debates this week, voters are likely curious about the presidential hopeful's family and home life or more specifically, how many kids Elizabeth Warren has, in addition to her stances on various important issues.

Warren’s personal story, growing up on the "ragged edge of the middle class," is absolutely instrumental to her campaign and how she plans to tackle many of the problems facing the nation. And a big part of that story is her two children, Amelia and Alexander, whom she had in the 1970s with her first husband, according to her campaign website.

Born in Oklahoma, Warren went to work at the young age of just 13 years old after her father had a heart attack that left him unable to work, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. She wanted to be a teacher, and earned a debate scholarship to attend college at George Washington University before transferring to the University of Houston. At 19 years old, she married her high school sweetheart, a mathematician named Jim Warren, and their two children came along in her early 20s, according to The New York Times. Warren welcomed Amelia when was 22 in 1971, and gave birth to her son Alexander in 1976.

When her oldest, Amelia, was just 2 years old, Warren enrolled in a public law school, the presidential hopeful explains on her website, and graduated when she was nearly due with her son, Alexander. Warren embarked on a law career, but eventually returned to the classroom, where she was a law professor for more than 30 years. She’s since authored 11 books, focused on the middle class, personal finance, and the economy, according to Ballotpedia.

Like their mother, Warren’s children are also successful in their own right. Amelia Warren Tyagi is the co-founder of a Los Angeles-based company name Business Talent Group. Her bio page says she has worked as a management consultant and entrepreneur, and is a “nationally recognized writer” having published two books and numerous articles. She is also the chair of Demos, “a prominent progressive think tank, and serves on the board of Fuse Corps, a leading nonprofit that enables local governments to leverage independent professionals to more effectively address [the] biggest challenges facing cities today.”

Alex Warren is a bit more of an enigma, as he has chosen to remain out of the spotlight and stay off the campaign trail. There are some known facts about him, however; according to The Boston Globe, he is a computer specialist and lives in California with his family.

Warren’s second husband, Bruce Mann, is the one who is most often seen by her side and is incredibly supportive of her bid for the presidency, according to Marie Claire. He is a Harvard Law professor, described as quieter and more reserved than Warren, but unabashedly proud of his superstar wife. “I’m usually introduced as Elizabeth’s husband, which has been fine with me,” he once said, according to The Oprah Magazine.

But perhaps the most famous member of Warren’s family, though, is her dog, a sweet golden retriever named Bailey, according to Politico.

These days a presidential campaign is a grueling ordeal, full of more barbs and backbiting than anyone thinks possible. With the love of a family like Warren’s, however, win or lose, she'll undoubtedly be supported along the way.