How Many Kids Does Jinger Duggar Want? It Looks Like The Mom-To-Be Is Leaving It Up To God

by Korey Lane

The Duggar family continues to grow as more members of their brood announce the exciting news that they're courting, engaged, or expecting. Counting On star Jinger Duggar, for example, is expecting her first child with her husband Jeremy Vuolo. Although the 23-year-old expectant mom has yet to give birth to her first bundle of joy, some fans may already be wondering how many kids does Jinger Duggar wants to have and whether she plans to follow in her mother's footsteps.

For now, as it stands, it seems like Jinger is definitely focused on just the one and that's surely enough to keep her busy and fulfilled. But that could always change; many parents decide they want more children after they welcome their first. Or they decide that the one is enough and that's fine, too. But because Jinger is a member of the ever-expanding Duggar family, which starred on the show 19 Kids & Counting, it's possible that Jinger and Jeremy would like a big family of their own, too.

Additionally, according to Cosmopolitan, the Duggars are unofficial followers of the "Quiverfull" movement, "a religious movement that adheres to the belief that by having as many children as possible, followers are helping spread the word of God." However, just because her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have decided to have as many children as they have now, it doesn't mean their daughters plan to do the same.

Indeed, there are many Duggar grandkids now, but none of Jim Bob and Michelle's children have a brood as big as they had. Jinger, for her part, has definitely expressed a desire to have kids. In an August episode of Counting On, Jinger went baby clothes shopping with her sister, Jessa, and while holding a pair of little baby shoes she made it clear that she definitely wants children, however many that may be. "I’m thinking, well, whenever — if the Lord would bless us with kids, it would be amazing," she said, according to In Touch Weekly.

Additionally, when the couple were still newlyweds, Jeremy told Us Weekly that he was uncertain, at the time, how many kids he wanted. "I definitely want to have children, but not sure how many," he said. "We’ll have to see what the Lord provides."

While both Jinger and Jeremy's past comments indicate that they want to have children — yes, plural — it seems like Jinger isn't really down for any condescension from anyone hounding her about her plans. In an episode of Counting On shortly after her wedding, Jinger was having a video chat with her sisters, Jill, Jessa, Joy-Anna, and Jana, when they wanted to know whether or not she was already expecting. "So are you pregnant?" At the question, Jinger simply responded, "huh?" with a look of discomfort in her eye, according to People.

Of course, family members want to know the answer to this question as much as fans do, but Jinger and Jeremy's family planning is their business and their business alone. And while it's clear that they both want kids, Jinger hasn't specified exactly how many, though it's a safe bet that they probably want their little one to who have a sibling one day. But who knows... the Duggars do keep Counting On fans on their toes.

Aside from Jinger and Jeremy's pregnancy news, there's so much going on in the Duggar family right now. For example, Joy-Anna Duggar just welcomed her first child with husband Austin Forsyth, Kendra and Joseph Duggar are expecting their first child, and Josiah Duggar just got engaged to Lauren Swanson. Needless to say, Jinger and Jeremy's baby-to-be will be fully entertained and loved well before they decide (if ever) to have more kids.

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