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Kim K Reveals Just How Many Kids Kanye Wants To Have

With two young children and one on the way, the Kardashian-West family has already established quite the little army. But it looks like there might be more babies on the way for these parents. But exactly how many more children will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have? Well, if this the 40-year-old rapper has his way, there might be two or three more on the way.

West and Kardashian have already blessed the world with two beautiful children — their 4-year-old daughter, North, and their 20-month-old son, Saint. And now, the power couple is expecting another little one in just a matter of months, as their surrogate would be almost five months pregnant by now, taking into account the numerous outlets that reported she was three months along back in June.

In a video on her website, the 36-year-old mom said that her husband would like to have a family of "five or six" children if possible. This video, addressing a number of rumors surrounding her family, was posted to her website on earlier this week and gives the world hope of more little ones to come.

"If it was up to him, yes, I think he would [want a family of five or six]," she said in the video.

While she did take the time to discuss the possibility of having more children, Kardashian also explained how important it is that her daughter North has a fulfilling childhood:

I love her experiencing my life and what goes on, but I also love her having such a childhood life. One day, whatever she wants to do, I'll support that no matter what it is. So I don't push her into anything.

Another rumor that Kardashian addressed in the video involves recent mom-shaming over her son Saint's front-facing carseat. The legal requirements for carseats in the state of California specify that children younger than 2 years old must ride in a rear-facing carseat — that is unless they weigh 40 pounds or heavier or are taller than 40 inches. Kardashian said that the weight specification is what allows Saint to face forward in the car:

What people didn't know is that Saint is now the weight and height requirement to sit forward-facing. Saint actually weighs more than North, if that is believable.

While the family love and possibility of new babies on the horizon for Kardashian and West is reason to celebrate, the mom-shaming that inspired her recent video post certainly is not. Carseat safety is a very important issue, but we should have more faith in Kardashian as a mom than to assume she would put her children in harms way.

And now that she's addressed these "issues," let's all look forward to meeting their new baby when he or she arrives and continue to stay on the lookout for any announcements of additional bundles of joy that could be on the way.