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Milo Ventimiglia Reveals His 'This Is Us' Future

Jack's death is something every This Is Us fan has to come to terms with — even though they certainly don't have to like it. Though the event is very much in the family's past, dealing with Jack's passing remains a huge part of things as the show delves into how that grief is still affecting Rebecca and the kids. Jack's death is fast approaching, but saying goodbye to Jack doesn't necessarily mean saying goodbye to Milo Ventimiglia, right? Once Jack's death has been explored, is that the end of the line? How many more This Is Us episodes will Milo Ventimiglia be in?

This Is Us was renewed for two more seasons by NBC, which means there are a lot more Pearson family problems to come — and the Pearsons wouldn't be the Pearsons without Jack. Ventimiglia is as integral to the series as Jack is to his family, and while Jack's time with his family is finite, Ventimiglia's time with the show isn't. Jack's story has always been grounded in the past, so learning the details of his death shouldn't change anything. Technically, Jack has been dead since the series began (at least in the present-day storyline) and it hasn't affected his position on the show, so there's no need to worry about the future. There's no way to know exactly how many episodes Ventimiglia has left, because it doesn't look like he's leaving the show anytime soon.

Ventimiglia said as much during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where he explained that just because Jack was dead, it didn't mean Ventimiglia's time on the show would also be limited. "Going into this show I knew that my character was always going to be past and I was OK with it," he explained. "Dan Fogelman, our creator, he was like, 'Milo, you're not going anywhere.' I'm like, 'OK, great!'"

In another interview with People, Ventimiglia reiterated that in an effort to comfort fans who were heartbroken about Jack's death. "I just said: 'Guys, just wait. Jack's journey is not over,'" he said. "Jack is still going to be there, but you also know now how important these moments are with his wife, with his kids. He doesn't know that he's going to be passing at a certain age."

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Ventimiglia also advised viewers not to dwell on Jack's death too much. While Jack's time with his wife and kids won't last forever, that only makes the moments he did get to spend with them even more important. In fact, by knowing what happens to Jack (even if they don't know exactly how it happens), fans can savor those moments all the more. Which is true, but still incredibly heartbreaking.