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These Theories About The Other 'Westworld' Parks Will Leave You *Shook*

by Megan Walsh

It has become clear on Westworld that while its titular fantasy-driven theme park might have been the first of its kind, it was far from the last. Maeve discovered hosts from Shogun World at the end of Season 1, and a dead bengal tiger android that washed up in Westworld in "Journey Into Night" hinted at even more possibilities. But how many parks exist on Westworld total?

The Delos Destinations website lists six parks altogether, though four of them are still shrouded in mystery. If you try to view any of them besides Westworld or Shogun World, the image glitches and indicates that only authorized personal can access the information because "reservations [are] closed to the public." It also seems the order of the parks is dependent upon the order in which they were developed; Westworld is Park 1 and it's described as "the first vacation destination where you can live without limits." Shogun World, which is Park 2, is "for those for whom Westworld is not enough."

Fans of the show on Reddit analyzed the glitchy pictures until they unearthed the theoretical name of the sixth park: Raj World. The deceased tiger was from Park 6, according to Stubbs, and those are native to India. Put together, those clues could point to a park set in a fantasy version of the country during the British Raj, the period of time when Great Britain controlled India.

If one accepts the theory that Park 6 is Raj World, then that still leaves three parks without assignations. In the original films from the 1970s that the HBO series is based on, called Westworld and Futureworld respectively, there were other parks outside of the one devoted to the wild west. There was a Medieval World, a Roman World, a Spaworld, and Futureworld. There's a chance the show could take some inspiration from the source material for the remaining parks, but there's no real evidence to prove that they've done so.

Viewers have continued to speculate about what the other parks might be, however. Reddit user Labubs mentioned the idea of an ancient Egyptian park, or perhaps a Mayan one. Redditor Salemthakid thought Futureworld was still feasible, just in a very different way than the 1976 movie presented it, especially since the show is already set in the future. They wrote:

Our vision of the future has drastically changed in the last 50 or so years. In the 60s and 70s everything was chrome but now when people think of the future they think if fallout, war and tech gone wrong. So I mean it's a possibility that we might get ApocalypseWorld.

It's an interesting interpretation that could suit the direction the parks seem to take in Westworld: they're exciting and expansive and violent, focused on adventure and survival. Considering how many fans there are out there of the post-apocalyptic genre, it's certainly plausible that a park might exist to cater to that fanbase. There could even be host zombies out there whom people pay to defeat.

Reddit user Pound0fcure suggested a noir world full of gangsters and spies, which MisterFizzster noted could actually help HBO save some money in the budget "since they've still got a bunch of appropriate props/sets/costumes from Boardwalk Empire." But user GovernorBean saw even more crossover potential, writing, "Calling it now: Game of Throne's Season 8 Finale will reveal they've actually all been hosts in WesterosWorld the entire time."

There are so many different options available for the other parks that it's difficult to narrow it down. Luckily, it seems like they won't remain a mystery for long. As Delos steadily loses more ground to the hosts, the secrets of the park are being revealed to the audience. Season 2 might have all the answers.

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