Here's How Many Properties Lindsay Lohan Has In The Works

Lindsay Lohan has seemingly found peace and all she had to do to get it was leave the United States. For the past several years, Lohan has been living abroad, where she enjoys much more privacy than she did as America's favorite wild child celebrity. She even has a new series premiering on MTV to celebrate her latest enterprise as a businesswoman: a string of hospitality ventures. Viewers tuning in may be wondering: how many properties does Lindsay Lohan have? While the new show focuses on her beachfront property, it's not her first rodeo.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club is a Vanderpump Rules-meets-Below Deck mashup in which Lohan supervises a staff of glamorous employees who run Lohan Beach House. The actress opened the club on Kalo Livadi beach in Mykonos, Greece last summer, and, according to a New York Times profile, it was basically considered a success just a few weeks after launch. She has two more Lohan properties in the works, according to the profile. The first is another Lohan Beach Club scheduled to open in Rhodes, a Greek island off the coast of Turkey. A second, more ambitious project will be the construction of a Lohan island in Dubai.

Lohan first got into the hospitality space in 2017, when she licensed her name to a club in Athens. Citing a lack of creative control, she decided to let herself get bought out of the deal, and focused her efforts on opening Lohan Beach Club, a venture entirely under her supervision and one with silent partners. Although the club opened with very little marketing, Lohan is now doing a more overt PR campaign for it with the premiere of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. Despite the fact that she became an ex-pat to get away from American paparazzi and tabloid culture, she's putting herself in front of the camera — in a reality show format, no less — once again.


Lohan has more serious acting projects on the horizon, as well. She mentioned her 2014 turn in a West End production of Speed-the-Plow as a turning point in her life, and recently did seven episodes of the Rupert Grint-helmed BBC series Sick Note. According to her New York Times interview, Lohan "says she has several more roles planned, scattered around the world."

So for now, it seems like the most American audiences will get out of Lohan is her best Lisa Vanderpump impression as she guides her team of beautiful, albeit party-prone, beach club staff to hopeful success on Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. The series premieres Jan. 8 on MTV and airs Tuesday nights thereafter. Stay tuned to see how she hacks it as a hotelier.

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