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Arie's Siblings Prove 'The Bachelor' Star Comes From A Big Family

Arie is not exactly the most popular Bachelor in television history, so fans might have mixed feelings about the fact that there's more where he came from. As the season comes to a close, one of the final obstacles between his final two and that final rose is meeting Arie's family and getting their approval. So how many siblings does Bachelor Arie have and will they steer him more towards Lauren B. or Becca?

Arie, at 36 years old, has 24-year-old twin brothers named Alec and Luca. He also has a younger sister named Maida, who appeared with the rest of the family on Emily Maynard's Bachelorette season during the hometown visits. There's not a whole lot of information out there about his little sister and her Instagram account is deactivated, probably because more hardcore fans are already trolling her brothers' pages, too. I totally get not wanting to deal with strangers on your Instagram account talking about your older brother's taste in women.

However, his twin brothers are more active on social media. The twins aren't identical, but they do look alike. According to their Instagram accounts, Alec recently got married this past summer, but Luca is still single. However, he seems married to his job at Tesla. So cars and love really do run in the family.

Luca is really on the hunt for a relationship, too and joked in a photo caption from his brother's wedding that he'd like a bride of his own. Maybe Arie can introduce him to Chris Harrison.

Here's All The Siblings

Here's Arie With His Brothers & Father

Luca Showing Off At Tesla

His brothers are watching the show, too. Alec recently posted a picture of him and his wife's feet up on a table with a bottle of tequila watching The Bachelor. If you think you've noticed some of Arie's patterns, his brother does, too. Alec captioned the photo, "thanks for the new drinking game," and apparently has a sip every time Arie says something like, "I love that," "that's awesome," or "you know what I mean." Pretty hilarious, right? One of his friend's commented on the pic that they were doing the same thing with the phrase, "how are you?" Anyone watching this season can totally relate.

But it's all done with love. Luca posted a picture last year when Good Morning America announced that Arie was going to be the new Bachelor. He captioned a press photo of his big brother saying, "It's official! My older bro is chosen for the next season of the Bachelor. With already one brother married another is on a quest! Congrats."

Arie has made it very clear that family is important to him and he seems very close with his siblings and his parents. He did end up following in his father's footsteps as a race car driver and given the amount of love his brothers show him on social media, it seems safe to assume that holidays at the Luyendyk house are filled with good vibes.

That's a good thing, because Bachelor Nation might not be thrilled with Arie when this whole ordeal is over. According to Caroline's comments at the Women Tell All special, some drama goes down in the final episodes and even after filming.

Arie has been saying since the beginning that he fell in love with two women and had trouble picking just one, so this was probably to be expected. Caroline told Us Weekly that Arie played a mixtape she made him while in the Fantasy Suite with Becca, which is just plain rude. But insiders close to the show seem to think that some more serious relationship drama goes down. Hopefully, his big and loving family will guide him in the right direction.

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