'Stranger Things' Season 2 Kicked Off With A Bit Of A Time Jump

The new season of Stranger Things has finally begun and just like in the real world, a long time has passed between the two seasons. So how many years passed between Stranger Things seasons? Some things have changed in Hawkins, Indiana since fans have been away.Warning: Episode 1 spoilers ahead!

When Will was taken to Hawkins Lab — something that's apparently a regular occurrence for him now — the new doctor in charge noted that Will was probably suffering from the "Anniversary Effect." Coming up on the one year anniversary of when Will went missing, the doctor explained that Will could probably continue to go through a number of "episodes" in the next month or so. These episodes are when Will feels like he's back in the Upside Down.

An episode occurred at the start of the premiere, when he went to the arcade with his friends. While they were playing, Will was temporarily transported into the other world version of the arcade. This prompted him to go outside and waiting for him was a huge storm that caused Will to be frozen with fear. However, he wasn't afraid the storm would kill him. Instead, he felt the storm wanted to kill everyone else.

The doctor claimed Will's just suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the best thing to do is nothing. However, Will's mother, Joyce, didn't really believe that. Still, she hopes the doctor is right and plans to abide by his plan, despite her better instincts. And it soon becomes evident she's right to distrust this so-called medical professional.

After Joyce, Will, and Jim (who accompanied them to the appointment) left, the doctor went to some hidden part of the hospital, where a man in a suit, similar to the one's Joyce and Jim used last season to enter the Upside Down, was carrying a blow torch. He then went into this room where he set something on fire. The creature looked like it had tentacles and if I had to guess, I'd say it was related to whatever Will's been seeing. Therefore, Will isn't just suffering PTSD, but it's very likely he's actually still connected to the Upside Down.

This theory may have been proven at the end of the episode, when Will was back in the bathroom, very reminiscent of the final scene in the first season of Stranger Things. Once again, everything around him fell away and he was back in the Upside Down. Just like how the arcade door opened for him, his front door opened and outside waiting for him was that same dark red storm, filled with lightening and tentacles. Will, seemingly in a trance, walked outside toward and it's uncertain what happens next.

Additionally, when Dustin got home, there was something inside of the trash can outside of his house. At first, he thought it was his cat, Mew, but when he called for it, there was no answer. Then once he went inside, the trash can burst open, but the scene cut before we could see what was inside. This pretty much confirms that another creature from the Upside Down has made its way to Hawkins, Indiana. But what in the world is it and what is Will's doctor's connection to it?

Of course, this is only the first episode, so there are probably many more questions to come before we get any real answers. For now though, it's clear something is not right in Hawkins, and unfortunately, Will is once again at the center of it. However, perhaps this time, rather than being a victim, he could maybe be the key to saving everyone. Thankfully, all the episodes are now available for streaming so you don't have to wait to find out what happens next.

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