Courtesy of Linda Parra

How Meaningful Movement Has Helped One Mom Deal With The Uncertainty Of 2020


If there’s one thing you can expect from motherhood, it’s that nothing is stagnant. From leaps to regressions, your little one’s behavior is sure to keep you on your toes. But sometimes mom craves a different type of movement — a restorative and energizing pursuit that says, “this one’s for me.”

And if there’s one thing you can expect from 2020, it’s that nothing is predictable. From your work life to your social life, you’re likely reconfiguring things to work toward living your best life (whatever that looks like for you). And if you’re a mom who once relied on fitness classes, accountability partners, and other pre-pandemic modes of motivation, you’ve likely tweaked your schedule to #addsomelight wherever you can find it.

Linda Parra knows what it means to recalibrate her movement meter. As an active person by nature, she refused to sacrifice self-care to fit her new normal. “Movement had always been a part of my life,” she says, “As a child I danced, and as an adult those habits of stretching stayed with me. I still find myself stretching randomly during the day. Moving my body through exercise has always been important to me because it makes me feel so much better and youthful.” And as an experienced schedule shifter, she says, “I’ve changed the way I move and exercise countless times throughout the years — everything from CrossFit to spinning — but I’ve always made sure to incorporate it in my daily lifestyle.”

So how is Parra incorporating joyful movement into her 2020 lifestyle? A winning combination of creativity, resourcefulness, and multitasking mojo. Keep reading to learn a few ways this motivated mama makes joyful movement an everyday thing.

Courtesy of Linda Parra

When the outside world feels stationary, a stationary bike brings the momentum inside. Parra explains, “My go-to movement has definitely been indoor cycling. I use my bike almost daily, and I usually get to watch a little TV at the same time, which I never got a chance to do before because I couldn’t justify the time, but if I’m working out and multitasking, it works!” And with stationary bike companies reporting record-high sales numbers, it’s clear that Parra’s not alone in her latest passion.

But anyone who cycles regularly knows it’s an exhausting endeavor, so Parra makes a point to fuel up before she saddles up. “I try to make sure I’m eating things that fuel my body and mind so that I have the energy to work out and move my body." For mornings, that means a healthy breakfast of Light + Fit nonfat yogurt paired with her favorite fruits, plus some eggs for extra protein and a simple toast for fiber.

Courtesy of Linda Parra

As any mom can attest, motherhood can feel synonymous with "arm workout" when you consider the ever-increasing weight of your baby (or toddler, or big kid...). For Parra, that workout has inadvertently become a regular part of her daily routine. "I always hold my son upside down in front of the TV while it plays cartoons, and Elle watches and laughs," says Parra. "I do this every morning and they love it!" Talk about literally embracing everything motherhood has to offer.

Courtesy of Linda Parra

When Parra wants to break a sweat, she brings the heat outdoors. “Working out outside, it’s very hot where we live, and getting out there and really sweating has become my unexpected routine. Plus, I love that it gets the kids outdoors and off of a screen,” she says.

If a break from screen time isn’t enough to lure the family outside, perhaps a sweat session’s therapeutic qualities could serve as inspiration. “I definitely upped my movement and exercise routine since the pandemic started," she says." I’m a high-energy busybody that needed that outlet to survive. A tired body kept my mind calm and helped me sleep better at night. It’s really been therapeutic through all the uncertainty and change.” Whatever keeps the mind and body at ease during these uncertain times should be held extra tight because there’s no handbook for parenting in a pandemic. But if there was? It would probably say, “you do you” however you can.

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