Ryan's World Toys Are Surprisingly Affordable & Not Surprisingly Selling Fast

If you have kids of a certain age, then you know all about Ryan ToysReview, the wildly popular YouTube star. Now the young influencer even has his own line of toys your kids will be begging for in no time. So how much are Ryan's World toys in general? It looks like these goods are selling out fast.

Most of the line focuses on toys that Ryan (and most kids his age, to be honest) personally enjoy. So that means there's a lot of blind bag collectibles, squishies of every variety, slime, games, plushies and even a giant surprise egg. It's a cute and colorful collection that matches the big personality of this pint-sized host.

As with many toy collections, there's a pretty good price range on all the items. On the most affordable end are toys that retail for less than $4, whereas the big-ticket item is about ten times that price. But when you visit his collection at, you'll notice several selections are already out of stock. It's no surprise that the YouTube superstar with over 15.6 million subscribers has generated such a demand for his toys in real life. It's a big moment for social media influencers everywhere, really. "This is the first time that a YouTube star in the children and family space has created their own dedicated line of toys and apparel, and we are excited to be partnering with to have it available at Walmart stores nationwide," said Anne Marie Kehoe, Walmart's Vice President and Divisional Merchandise Manager of Toys. It's a pretty impressive accomplishment for a kid who is only six years old. He's a born influencer.


Ryan’s World Mystery Putty


Ryan’s World 2 Pack Figures


Ryan’s World Ryan’s Racers 2 Pack


Ryan’s World Medium Size Vehicle with Figure


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Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg