How Much Candy Should I Buy For Halloween? There Is A Way To Find Out

No matter the size of your neighborhood or building, planning ahead for your trick-or-treaters will pay off on Halloween night. You may be worried you'll come up short and run out of candy or, if you're anything like me, you're worried that purchasing too much candy will leave you tempted to eat all the leftovers. If you've been wondering, how much candy should I buy for Halloween, then you're already heading in the right direction. Because believe it or not, there is actually a way you can come pretty darn close to figuring out the right amount of candy to get you through the night.

Cracking the code on how much candy is just right for you to buy requires a little math, but don't be scared. I worked this formula out for myself, and based on Halloween's past, I'd say the results were spot on. Thankfully, Apartment Therapy did the heavy lifting on this one, and came up with a mathematic equation to calculate how much Halloween candy you should buy. After making a few decisions about your specific Halloween situation, you plug in some numbers to this handy formula, and within minutes you'll know how many bags of candy to grab.

First, estimate how many little ghosts and ghouls you expect to ring your bell on Halloween night. Then determine the quality of spooky decorations in your hood as well as the weather quality. You will need all this info in order to plug in the right numbers to the equation. I live in a neighborhood that has more than 100 kiddos, and I usually buy around eight bags, but run out before the last group of trick-or-treaters come through. According to the formula, I should be buying 9.6 bags of candy, with 100 servings per bag.

If you're in a new 'hood and not sure how many goblins will come a knockin', the folks at Post It have an idea for how to track your candy needs. Simply keep a tally of how many treaters came to your door and how many piece you handed out, so next year you'll know just how many treats you'll need to make it through Halloween next year.

Figuring out how much candy to buy for Halloween isn't an exact science, but with a some prep and a little guessing, chances are you'll come pretty close to the right amount.