Here's How Much Did Jinger Duggar's Engagement Ring Might Have Cost

At the start of the new year, Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar announced that they're expecting their first child together. The news is exciting, to say the least, and the prospect of Vuolo and Jinger as parents has some fans revisiting the details of their romance. People especially want to know about the pair's July 2016 engagement (that seems like a lifetime ago, right?), including how much Jinger Duggar's engagement ring cost. So, how much did Vuolo shell out for the ring? Fans might be surprised.

A cool thing about appearing on a reality television show like Counting On is that you have the opportunity to relive some of the most exciting moments of your life, like a proposal. Luckily for Jinger, she can re-watch the moment Vuolo got down on down one knee, and she can also witness the moment he picked out her engagement ring. Yep, TLC cameras were present when Vuolo went ring shopping with Jim Bob (I'm not sure why Jim Bob felt compelled to tag along, btw) for Jinger's "simple" and "elegant" stone.

Vuolo told viewers about finding the perfect ring for Jinger, according to People:

I’m browsing today, just to get an idea for the future about what some of these rings could look like. Something I really love about Jinger is [that] she’s simple, but very elegant. So, I want a diamond that reflects that and a ring that reflects that.

Jessa Duggar's husband, Ben Seewald was also present during the shopping trip, and he advised Vuolo:

What matters the most is that you thought about it and picked it out and it’s something that you can say, ‘Hey, this reminded me of you and this is specially for you.

And as for what ring "reminded" Vuolo of Jinger, he selected a .75 carat princess cut diamond, according to Engagement Ring Bible. A princess cut diamond is set with "four prongs to cover each corner of the stone" and it's one of the most popular styles around, according to Brilliance, a website specializing in diamonds.

But how much does a .75 carat cost? I'm no expert on diamonds by any means, but I was able to determine a reasonable price range. By the looks of it, carat prices are determined by a few factors, like clarity, color, and cut. If you're going for a "low quality diamond," it could be as cheap as $700, while a "high quality diamond" might cost you $10,000, according to Jewelry Secrets.

Although I'm not sure what Vuolo exactly paid for Jinger's ring, I bet he picked out a more expensive diamond than his brothers-in-law did when they got engaged. Thanks to Vuolo's past career as a professional soccer player, he has earned a net worth of about $400,000 throughout the years, according to Earn The Necklace, and he was probably able to afford a higher quality ring.

Of course, the price of a ring seems frivolous when you consider what's truly important about an engagement, aka love.

When Jinger and Vuolo got engaged during a trip to New York City, they released a statement that demonstrated just how much they care for one another.

The statement read, according to Us Weekly:

So excited to share this news that we are now engaged. From both of us, thank you all for the countless well-wishes we’ve received during the courtship. We are so excited to take this next step in spending our lives together. We are so grateful for how the Lord has brought us together. It has been an incredible journey so far and we are excited about serving Christ together in the coming days.

"Incredible journey," indeed.

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