How Much Is My Breast Milk Worth?

Breast milk is dubbed "liquid gold" for a reason. Not only is it incredibly beneficial for babies' growth and development, but there also happens to be a booming industry built around the sale of expressed breast milk. If you're a breastfeeding mom you've probably wondered "how much is my breast milk worth" at least once. In an age of side-hustles, selling your excess breast milk just makes sense, especially if you're planning to pump and dump.

An article from Newsweek noted that there is a growing market for healthy, pure breast milk for babies whose mothers, for whatever reason, can't breastfeed them. So, selling your own milk that you weren't going to use anyway not only benefits another baby, but can land some extra cash in your pocket. Win, win.

Although the exact amount that breast milk sells for varies on the site and seller, the going rate is usually $1 to $3 per ounce. Since Breastfeeding USA noted that most moms produce around 30 ounces per day, you're looking at $30 or more per day if you sell regularly. That add sup over time. (That being said, if you'd rather give the stuff away, there's an equally large market for donated breast milk, since many milk banks aren't for-profit businesses.


There are some precautions that mothers should take before selling (or buying) expressed milk, however. Since breast milk can contain bacteria if it's not stored or handled properly, it's important for sellers to ensure to get screened, as well for buyers to check the history of the seller and pasteurize the milk if it hasn't already been pasteurized, according to Only The Breast.

Speaking of, as the leading website for selling your breast milk, Only the Breast, is essentially the Craig's List of lactating moms. It provides mothers with a safe, private way to sell their breast milk to other mothers looking to buy it for their own babies. You can browse and list ads by infant age, maternal age, maternal diet and more, allowing moms to choose milk that fits their preferences.

Whether you're hoping to make a few extra dollars for your over-supply or would like to help a baby get the nutrition they need, selling your breast milk can be a great way to accomplish both.