How Much Money Has 'Jungle Book' Made At The Box Office? It's Already Breaking Records

It almost sounds impossible that a remake of The Jungle Book could not be a hit, but no one could have predicted that the Jon Favreau directed, live action version would already be breaking box office records just a day after it's premiere. So just how much money has The Jungle Book made at the box office? Since opening on Friday, studio buffs are already predicting that, over the course of its three opening days, the new Disney film will have grossed anywhere from $85 million to $88 million. That makes it one of the highest grossing April debuts since Fast Five in 2011.

Update: After opening weekend, on Monday, April 18, the film brought in a total of $136.1 million in North America, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Worldwide, the film made $240 million.

Beating one of the Fast and the Furious installments is a big deal, but it's not just about one-upping Vin Diesel. If moviegoers keep the pace, Mowgli and his crew of wild animals will also be the third highest grossing opening weekend of 2016, just behind Batman vs. Superman, which had an opening weekend of $166 million and Deadpool, which grossed $132.4 million at the box office.

According to Variety, The Jungle Book is just going to get bigger as word of mouth starts to spread. Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst with ComScore, told the magazine that is was a perfect Disney cocktail, “Great reviews, a great release date and great social media buzz will make Mowgli very, very happy."

That social media buzz is already beginning on Twitter.

If you listen to new fans on social media, apparently the way to see it is in 3D.

The 3D experience is not an easy one to create, especially when it comes to talking animals. If you're a CG and 3D snob, though, know that most critics are already huge fans of the way Favreau's jungle turned out. The crew played special attention to how the animals talked and if you look closely, you'll notice how they manage to make the animals life-like, and not cheesy at all, like position the cameras above the animals instead of face-on.

Favreau told The Hollywood Reporter, “We were pretty confident about the animals and rendering and lighting. But the talking — if that broke, the whole movie would fall apart,” he said.

Whatever they did, it seems to have worked. Vox even called the effects "intoxicating." From the sound of it, we'll be hearing a lot more about The Jungle Book as families head to the theaters. Disney's already making a sequel, too, so when your kids ask for more Mowgli, you can assure them it's on the way.