Are You More Likely To Get Pregnant If You Orgasm?

by Tessa Shull

I would comfortably say there are two primary reasons most women have sex: to get pleasure or to get pregnant. Yes, there's the whole idea of physically and emotionally connecting to your partner, but usually a woman's endgame includes orgasm or pregnancy (or both if you're lucky.) If you are having sex to conceive, you may also find yourself wondering how much more likely you are to get pregnant if you orgasm, or if it really matters at all.

Interestingly enough, some experts think the uterine contractions that occur during an orgasm will help get sperm into the cervix, according to Parents. Additionally, the oxytocin that's released during an orgasm relaxes you, which can only help the chances of getting pregnant.

It is, however, important to keep in mind that an orgasm is not necessary to conceive, and there are some mixed opinions on the matter. According to Belly Belly's interview with reproductive medicine and women's health specialist Andrew Orr, a recent Australian study showed no direct correlation between an orgasm and conception. On the other hand, however, reproductive physiologist Joanna Ellington said in the aforementioned Parents article that, "the better the sex, the better the chances of conception."

Additionally, according to Kindara, there's evidence that shows certain animals' vaginal contractions due to orgasm suck semen through the cervix and to the egg quicker. And to add to the argument that orgasms help with conception, there is also a study that found women who have orgasms during intercourse held more sperm in the vagina in comparison to women who didn't orgasm, according to Kindara.

Although, overall, it seems that the verdict is mixed, there are still studies and specialists who lean toward the idea that an orgasm can help with conception during intercourse. Without giving a 100 percent definitive 'yes' or 'no' answer, it's fair to say that an orgasm can only help, not hinder the process and chances of conception.