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How Often Should Babies Poop?

You probably heard jokes about the constant diaper changes throughout your entire pregnancy. But once the baby arrived, you were floored by the frequency of diaper changes. You probably asked yourself how often should babies poop anyway, and do they ever stop? It’s gross and weirdly impressive at the same time.

Unfortunately, never-ending diaper changes are just part of the package for many new parents. According to WebMD, breastfed and formula-fed babies alike will poop once a day, and sometimes more often than that. In fact, as stated in Baby Center, some babies may poop after every feeding — and that’s normal, too. In fact, what’s normal can vary greatly from baby to baby.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may get concerned if your baby goes several days without pooping. Is she constipated? Not necessarily. As explained in Healthy Children, infants eight weeks of age or older can safely go four to five days without pooping. Although this may sound alarming to most adults, keep in mind that babies are still developing their abdominal strength, according to Children’s MD. In other words, it takes a lot of effort for them to poop, so it’s fine if they don’t make it a daily occurrence.

In general, babies’ bathroom habits can vary greatly and still be normal. If you’re concerned, however, don’t hesitate to give your doctor a call to make sure your baby isn’t in any distress. And keep in mind that, one beautiful day, your little one will be potty trained and diapers will be a thing of the past.