All The Doctor's Appointments You Have When Preggo

Your first pregnancy is essentially one long, educational experieince. Besides learning how to take care of the tiny human growing inside you, you've got to learn how to take care of yourself as well, managing everything from eating healthy, to buying new clothes, to scheduling trips to the doctor. So many trips to the doctor. Those OB visits are pretty crucial though, as that's when you'll learn how your baby is doing and make sure everything is on track. But how often should you go to the doctor during your first pregnancy? It turns out that there's a pretty regimented schedule for most doctors, no matter if it's your first pregnancy or your fifth.

According to the Office O Women's Health, you can expect to go to the doctor about once a month for the first 28 weeks of your pregnancy — or about the end of the first two trimesters. After that, you'll go twice a month until week 36. Then, at full term, you'll go once a week until you go into labor. Although it can seem like a lot of doctor visits, chances are, you'll look forward to them, rather than dread them, seeing the visits as a chance to learn more about your little one and their development since your last check-up.

If you just learned that your pregnancy, you're probably jumping at your first chance to schedule an appointment. However, you don't have to rush to the phone to schedule your first OB visit right away. According to Babble, most OBs wait until at least eight weeks to schedule your first visit since at that point, the heartbeat will be strong enough to detect on ultrasound.

Marco Santi Amantini/Fotolia

Don't worry though, you'll get your fill of the doctor in the months that follow. Your doctor will likely give you a schedule of visits, or remind you when your next appointment is, because, let's be honest, pregnancy brain is real, and remembering a million doctor appointments on your own just isn't going to happen.