Here's How (And When) To Clean Your Baby's Blanket

For a new mom, it doesn't take long to figure out which baby items are diaper bag essentials that you can't leave home without. With both of my kids, the blanket was everything. Part nursing cover, part changing pad, a blanket was so much more than something that kept my little ones warm. But because those blankets went everywhere with me — including the New York City subway system — they picked up a ton of grime. If your baby's blanket has a permanent presence in your diaper bag or stroller, you may be wondering, how often should you clean your baby's blanket?

When it comes to babies and laundry, you have to walk a fine line between making sure things are clean and being aware of allergies or other sensitivities. According to Good To Know, bed linens should be washed at least once per week to remove any bacteria that has accumulated. However, if something has spilled (or exploded) onto your blanket, it could be necessary to wash more frequently.

As mentioned, when washing baby clothing or linens,you should use a detergent that is free of dyes, colors, or perfumes to avoid allergic reactions. And since the blanket will be coming into contact with your baby's skin, it's important to be sure to give any new blanket a good wash before the first use.

When it comes to your baby, there's really no such thing as too much washing, so when in doubt, don't be afraid to give that blankie a spin in the washing machine. And since your blanket will be getting a lot of use and enduring a lot of washes, it's best to have a few extra blankets on hand in case you aren't able to get to the laundry in time. Trust me, a blanket is something you don't want to leave home without.