Adam & Danielle Busby Are Busy Parents On Season 5 Of 'Outdaughtered'

Fans fell in love with the Busby family and their adorable all-girl quintuplets when Outdaughtered first premiered in 2015. Now the show is returning for Season 5, and will continue to follow the family as they navigate life with six young kids. The Busby’s have been managing parenthood like pros, and with all the energy they exude on the show, I’m sure many fans are wondering, how old are Adam and Danielle Busby?

According to People, Danielle and Adam were 32 and 33 in 2016, respectively, which means that they’ll be turning 36 and 37 this year. In fact, Adam just celebrated his birthday on Jun.10 and Danielle took the opportunity to wish him a happy birthday on Instagram. “To the love of my life, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” she wrote in the caption. “You sure are one of a kind! You are full of ideas, full of love, full of mischief and of course full of style. I hope you enjoy your day, as we spend it all together as a family in NYC! I love you most - your beautiful.”

After getting birthday wishes from all of his Instagram followers, Adam posted a little video thanking them for their love and support. “I just want to tell everybody thank you so much,” he says in the IG clip. “I totally feel the love today. It was really awesome to get all these messages and comments and everything from everybody just saying ‘happy birthday.’ — thank you so much for loving us so much and thank you for all the birthday wishes.”

Danielle, who’s birthday comes in December, turned 35 at the end of last year, and in an Instagram post, Adam revealed that he threw her a surprise party. “Happy SURPRISE Birthday my love,” he captioned the photo. ”This was a long time in the making! #35NeverLookedSoGood.” On her own Instagram page, Danielle posted a picture from her party with the caption, “I woke up today feeling alive, because now I’m thirty five! Cheers to me.”

Adam and Danielle have been great at chronicling all their family milestone on Instagram and on their Youtube channel, It’s A Buzz World. In 2016, they shared a video of Adam celebrating his 34th birthday, with the adorable baby quints breaking out into tears when he blows out the candles.

A year later, in 2017, they shared a video of Adam blowing out the candles on his 35th birthday cake, but this time the quints reaction was different. Rather than cry at the flame going out, the girls tried to attack the cake. But when Adam picks the cake up off the table, the girls begin to cry and scream. Last year, for Adam’s 36th, the girls again gathered around his cake, but this time they were old enough to sing him “Happy Birthday.”

It’s safe to say Adam and Danielle’s quints — Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley — and their elder daughter, Blayke, are keeping the couple on their toes. Luckily, they still have the energy to laugh and smile through all the chaos. Fans will get to dive back into all the Busby family excitement in Season 5 of Outdaughtered, which premieres on Tuesday, Jun. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.