Sonja Flemming/CBS

'BB19' Fans Will Love Cody's Adorable Daughter

by Allison Picurro

With all the drama going on inside the Big Brother 19 house, it might be easy to forget that each Houseguest is a real person outside of the game. That even includes Cody, the guy who has already gotten on the last nerve of many of his fellow contestants. For one thing, he has a young daughter, and if anything can humanize a person, it's children. So how old is Cody's daughter? Live feed viewers might have already heard him talking about her with Jessica, the other half of his showmance.

Just a few days ago, Jessica found out that the guy she's had her sights set on since getting into the house is also a single dad. Cody has a five-year-old daughter, named Paisley, and from what he says, has a pretty harmonious coparenting relationship with the mother, although he is no longer with her. Jessica and Cody have spent a lot of time together so far this summer, especially after Cody won HOH earlier this week and they were able to shut themselves away in his room. She was so shocked by the news that she initially thought he was kidding, but seems to have recovered just fine. Hooray for the power of romance, I guess?

And as for Paisley, well, she's pretty adorable. Good job, Cody.

In Cody's first pre-Big Brother interview, he talked about how he was less concerned with setting a good example for his daughter and more focused on showing her that he is capable of winning. "How are you going to teach your kid about integrity in a game where there's no integrity?" he said to Jeff Shroeder. "No, you gotta teach your kid how to win!" While not going into too much detail beyond that, he said being away from her would be hard, though he didn't plan on letting it negatively impact his game strategy. "It is what it is, but I can focus," Cody said.

Cody was blindsided this week by Paul's reveal that he had the Pendant of Protection, which allowed him to reject Cody nominating him for eviction. His allies were shocked by his quick decision to put Christmas up beside Jillian on the chopping block without discussing it with them first. And based on his diary room confessions, Paul wasn't too happy that Cody tried to nominate him in the first place. Cody's decisions may just have a negative effect on him as the game goes on, which could really throw a wrench in his plan to show his daughter how to win Big Brother.