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Hannah B. On 'The Bachelor' Proves Age Is Just A Number

Among the 30 new contestants on Season 23 of The Bachelor, there are two pageant contestants, one of whom is Hannah B., a former Miss Alabama who may or may not leave an impression on Colton's heart. Some of the women are on the younger side, and with Colton about to celebrate 27 trips around the sun, fans may be wondering: how old is Hannah B? Let me break down why age ain't nothin' but a number with a bio like hers.

According to her official ABC bio, at 23 years old Hannah B. — not to be confused with Hannah G. who received the first impression rose — has a degree in communications from the University of Alabama, the title of Miss Alabama USA 2018, and works as an interior designer for the company Gracefully Done (since spring 2017). But the most important thing I can tell you about the one of 30 women who want a life with Colton is that she has a dog named Roscoe, whom she takes paddle boarding. Let that sink in for a minute.

The pageant Queen gave up her crown in November 2018, when another winner took the top honor. Former Miss Alabama USA has been in the pageant scene since the age of 15, as a way of earning college scholarships — which is a seriously smart move. In case that's not enough reason to cheer for the Southern gal from Tuscaloosa, Hannah B. seems to be made for the spotlight. If you were to scroll through her Instagram photos, you'd see her deep love of her alma mater, stating she never misses an Alabama football game.

For 23, Hannah B. has more than a fancy sash. Also part of her impressive resume is modeling. She's posed in a wedding gown for Alabama Weddings Magazine, among other places. Other things you'll see her take photos of are her friends, the beach life, and more pictures with animals (which I'm a major fan of). All that aside, don't let the pageant title intimidate you. Hannah B. is a good, old country girl who appreciates a true gentleman who opens doors and pulls out her chairs for her, according to her bio. In her "spare" time (if there is any), she likes to play board games and listens to country music.

It's hard to stand out on a show that emphasizes extreme beauty and personality, but Hannah B does that whether she holds a pageant title or not. She's even made friends with similar ages and interest. For instance, She and 23-year-old contestant, Caelynn, have already bonded over pageant life. Caelynn was Miss North Carolina USA 2018, and Colton's first on-air kiss on Monday night's premiere.

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Hannah B. makes 23 look a lot easier than I remember it. Actually, I'm starting to rethink my life altogether. It's still unclear if Colton and Caelynn will progress, if he'll veer towards Hannah B., or if he'll abandon the pageant ladies altogether. No matter who receives the final rose and proposal, I have no doubt Hannah B. will handle things in stride, thanks to all those years formally training for the pageant crown. Maybe she'll even get a special Bachelor-crafted tiara, just because.

Season 23 of The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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