McKayla From 'Unexpected' Is Making Some Tough Decisions

TLC just premiered Season 2 of their teen mom reality series, Unexpected, and viewers are getting a chance to revisit the teens they met last season. One young mom, McKayla was introduced in the first season as a high school student who was trying to juggle motherhood amidst a tough family situation. So exactly how old is McKayla from Unexpected? This young woman is doing her best to move forward in life, despite her family drama.

McKayla is now a 17-year-old mom and high school student who lives with her grandparents, Tim and Cindy. In the first season of Unexpected, she balanced her life as a pregnant teen in high school, shopping for prom dresses that would fit, and eventually preparing for her newborn. But she also tried to renew her relationship with her mother, Shannon, who had been absent for most of her life.

McKayla's boyfriend Caelen had been supportive of McKayla throughout her pregnancy, and the couple seemed happy enough on the show, but eventually there were some rifts in their relationship. In January, McKayla tweeted that she had broken up with Caelen because he was posting pictures with other girls. But just a few weeks later, she posted a picture of the two kissing, signaling they were back together. Since then, both Caelen and McKayla have posted adoring pictures of one another, and have even hinted at the possibility of getting married. So it looks like their relationship is going strong.

But while her love story is thriving, McKayla’s family situation may be getting a little more complicated. Last season McKayla revealed that her mother, Shannon, had struggled with drug abuse, which is why she lives with Tim and Cindy. In the premiere episode of Season 2, McKayla tells her grandparents that she wants to move in with her mom, who is now a new mother herself. Her grandfather is noticeably upset at the news, and says that her decision to move out is “spit in the face” considering he’s raised her since she was 5-years-old.

But on the episode, Grandpa Tim’s angst seemed to come more from a place of love than anger. “We’re going to miss you,” he told McKayla while holding Timmy, “I’m going to miss this little guy, I’m going to miss seeing him everyday.”

Tim also feels a little unsure of how McKayla will fare with Shannon, who has difficulty supporting herself. “Shannon has a rough time making it week to week, so I don’t know how Shannon can support McKayla at all,” he questioned, “I don’t think you ask your child to help pay your bills.”


McKayla does seem to understand where her grandparents feelings are coming from, but she thinks moving in with her mom is completely justifiable. “Seeing my grandma and my grandpa cry makes it harder for me to move, because I do care about them and their feelings, and they care about me,” said McKayla. “But at the same time it was nothing personal. I’m just moving to be with my mom, so he’s taking it the wrong way.”

It is not clear whether or not McKayla has moved in with her mom, but she does seem to be moving forward in her life. On her Youtube channel, McKayla posted a college supplies haul in which she revealed that she is going to cosmetology school, and then on to a four year college for business.

How her living situation pans out remains to be seen, but overall, it looks like this 17-year-old mom is making some pretty responsible decisions for herself. Hopefully, will continue to find that balance between motherhood and teen life and keep moving forward.