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'The Bachelor's Sister Looks Out For Her Brother

Nick Viall's family has been a part of his Bachelor journey since his days as a contestant on The Bachelorette. As the second child of eleven siblings, Nick comes from a huge – but very close – family who have supported him every step of the way. Back when he was chasing after Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe on their respective Bachelorette seasons, Nick's family was there during hometown visits to give the leading ladies a glimpse at his home life. In particular, his little sister Bella made an impression when she sat Kaitlyn down for a question and answer session; Bella showed up once again when Nick snagged his spot as The Bachelor to give him some much-needed advice. But how old is Nick's sister Bella on The Bachelor?

An article from Nick's stint on Kaitlyn's season in 2014 says Bella is 9 years old, so now she would be about 11. Despite being so young, Bella isn't afraid to ask the hard questions and dish out some criticism. When chatting with Kaitlyn, right out of the gate Bella asked if Kaitlyn loved her brother. When advising Nick, Bella cut to the bone: he was not to engage in any mumbling and he had to share his thoughts instead of keeping it all inside. Solid advice from a tween.

If Bella is 11, that makes Nick a whopping twenty-five years older than his littlest little sister. He has mentioned feeling more like a father figure than a brother figure to some of his youngest siblings, which makes sense considering the age difference. In addition to Bella, Nick has five other sisters (Jessica, Sarah, Teressa, Maria Therese and Olivia) and four younger brothers (Luke, James, Samuel and Peter). That must make for a crowded house, and it's definitely one that has proved overwhelming to past Bachelorettes.

After Andi met all of Nick's siblings during his hometown date, she wrote about her experiences in a blog post for People. "The thing I was most nervous about for Nick's hometown was trying to remember all of his siblings' names," she wrote. "Nick has ten siblings and let me tell you, it seems like a whole lot more when you see them all in person." Much like Kaitlyn would during her season, Andi also felt a particular affinity for Bella thanks to her blunt questions, calling their chat her "favorite conversation of the night."

Bella was so adorable, but she also caught me off guard with some tough questions! I think Bella definitely has a career as a lawyer in her future!

Bella makes an impression every time she shows up on The Bachelor, so all of the contestants who make it to hometowns this season are going to have to get ready for the interrogation.