'Flip Or Flop Nashville' Star Page Turner Has Accomplished A Lot

As host of Flip or Flop Nashville, Page Turner seems to have accomplished a lot: she had a successful career in real estate that she was able to parlay into a popular reality TV gig. But lest you begin to feel like a flop for not having done as much at her age, it begs the question: how old is Page Turner on Flip or Flop Nashville?

Though her exact birthday is difficult to track down, Page is 45 years old according to a post she made on Instagram. One of the popular social media trends of early 2019 was for users to post pictures of themselves in both 2009 and 2019, thus revealing how much change the last decade had wrought. Page posted a picture of herself at age 35 and now, captioning it, "So... How'd I do?" She accompanied the photo with an emoji of a woman tossing up her hands in an indecisive shrug. And it's clear why: Page barely looks any different now than she did at the start of the decade. Her 2009-era fashion isn't even embarrassing, which it supremely unfair.

If Page is 45 now, that means she was born in 1974, though the month and date are still something of a mystery.

These days, Page hosts Flip or Flop Nashville alongside her ex-boyfriend DeRon Jenkins. She handles the real estate part of the house-flipping endeavor, while DeRon uses his construction skills to lead the renovation. Together, they make a pretty good team, even though it might seem odd at first for exes to work together so well. The fact that they've known each other for a very long time surely helps. In fact, it seems like they met not long before Page's 2009 photo.

In an interview with HGTV, Page revealed that she and DeRon met ten years ago when she was showing a house to a client. DeRon happened to be the builder. They hit it off right away, though work was always mixed in to their personal relationship. Page became DeRon's real estate agent before they started dating. She explained that while they didn't necessarily click as a couple, they did so well building, selling, and rehabbing homes that they decided to stay together professionally.

When she's not working, Page is mother to three daughters: Qai, Zaire, and Quincy. On Instagram, she shared a little bit more about her personal journey; she revealed that she was born and raised in Los Angeles, a place she loved, but chose to move to Nashville in 2000 with her kids. It was a place where she barely knew anyone, but it turned out to be the right choice for her. Now she has her own series focused entirely on the city, which may not have come to fruition if she hadn't decided to make it her home all those years ago.

You can catch Flip or Flop Nashville every Thursday on HGTV, where Page and DeRon will be turning troublesome houses into whole new homes every week.