How Pregnancy Sex Affects Your Delivery

Pregnancy hormones are tricky little devils, and the way they manifest is unique to each woman. Whether those hormones have made you a horny mom-to-be or someone who can't even think about getting busy while growing a baby bump, you may want to consider how pregnancy sex affects your delivery. Because the very act that got your into your current state of gestation is the same one that could make bringing your baby into the world a whole lot easier.

You always knew a little time between the sheets was a fun way to spend an afternoon, but what if I told you sex while pregnant could make your childbirth experience easier and less painful? It might not be a connection you would make on your own, but your body really wants the best for you (in both the bedroom and the delivery room). As What To Expect explained, "orgasms during pregnancy prepare the pelvic floor for childbirth." You can even give those muscles a little extra push by doing kegels during sex, which is beneficial for both strength and pleasure.

When it comes to orgasms helping with delivery, the key could be to overindulge. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, orgasms cause uterine contractions that mimic those that happen during labor. The more orgasms you have while pregnant, the better chance your body has of associating the experience of contractions with pleasure over pain.

In addition to those Os setting you up for a smooth delivery, there are hormones released during sex that prime a pregnant body for the birthing process. The release of oxytocin prepares the cervix for labor and has been linked to triggering contractions, according to Baby Center. This is why having sex late in the third trimester has been said to induce labor, although there is not significant enough scientific evidence to fully back this claim up.

But before you make getting busy your top priority, be sure to get the thumbs up for sex from your healthcare provider. Some conditions such as placenta previa and unexplained vaginal bleeding are risk factors for pregnancy sex and instances when intercourse is not recommended, as the American Pregnancy Association explained. As long as you get the all clear, go wild with your orgasm game. After all, it's really about prepping for an easier delivery.